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Customer Introduction

GRWTH is an intelligent home-school communication and student portfolio system. It provides schools, parents, students and training institutions with various tools to record students' learning progress and achievements by APP and web platform. It analyzes data with new concepts, and provides growth suggestions based on personal interests, strengths and related potentials, allowing parents and students to subscribe to information and purchase products or services through the GRWTH platform. GRWTH aims to develop into a talent development matching platform for Hong Kong's early education community, so as to enable children finding their own No.1 and grow up confidently. It aims at using technology to achieve children's dreams and enrich their life journey.

Challenges & Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic caused all schools in Hong Kong to suspend classes, and the arrangements for face-to-face classes was still suspended in 2020 new school year. Schools have adopted the e-learning model one after another. Online video learning and teaching models have become the new normal in the education sector, and the education community's demand for video storage and playback functions has also greatly increased. With that, GRWTH and Tencent Cloud jointly launched the "Hong Kong Educational Community Cloud On-Demand Support Program" to provide free sponsor to local secondary schools, primary schools and kindergartens, to assist schools and students in quickly transforming under the new normal, strengthening students’home learning effectiveness, and enhancing the connections and cooperation between families and schools.

Tencent Cloud Solutions

GRWTH partnered with Tencent Cloud to develop a "1+1> 2" solution. With GRWTH's messaging tools and reporting functions, together with Tencent Cloud's video-on-demand solution, the solution supports local and cross-border students to continue learning under the new normal. Tencent Cloud provides stable and secured services through Tencent Cloud Hong Kong server, with fast uploading and playback functions, automatic transcoding, SDK return data and DRM encryption technology to ensure that videos are secured without leakage. Together with GRWTH's specially designed tools for the education sector, it can reach targeted audience, with video taggings for relevant classifications.

Highlighted Benefits

The "Hong Kong Educational Community Cloud On-Demand Support Program" took only one month from conception to completion. As of the end of April 2021, nearly 300 secondary schools, primary schools, kindergarten and education centers in Hong Kong are using the service, reaching 130,000 students. After mid-year of 2021, the system will be enhanced with more new features, such as having the concept of building a community in the video library, with additional interactive elements to enrich user's experience.

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