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Customer Introduction

Ookbee started in 2012 as a start-up in Thailand focusing on developing eBook stores across Southeast Asia with presence in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Malaysia with more than 10 million customers in the region. Most of the eBooks are from renowned publishers or independent authors who are Professionals, hence the eBooks are categorized as Professionally Generated Contents. When social media became more influential to people’s lifestyle, Ookbee saw an opportunity to create platforms catered to groups of people with common interest such as novel fans, comic lovers, music enthusiasts, etc. to accommodate User Generated Contents (UGC) and establish sustainable economy between content creators and their fans. The UGC platforms are later spun off and expanded under Ookbee U. Ookbee and Ookbee U together serve more than 10 million users.

Challenges & Goals

  1. Ookbee needs a proven technology platform to support its innovative community interactivity. With strong technological support, they can enhance their app and attract more users.
  2. Ookbee needs innovative communication tools to engage with their users, especially among young users.
  3. Ookbee needs stable and scalable cloud platform to keep good user experience for over 10 million users.

Tencent Cloud Solutions

Ookbee utilized Tencent Cloud's innovative audio/video solutions to engage with their users, to meet the growing demands of interactive communication. Tencent Cloud's TRTC and GME solution in Southeast Asia helped Ookbee build a fun way for users to communicate, and let users generate more contents on Ookbee's Apps.

Tencent Cloud's customer support center ensures 24/7 fast response to the various needs of Ookbee, which effectively guarantees the stability of Ookbee's business operations.

Highlighted Benefits

With the help of Tencent Cloud, Ookbee strengthened their platforms and solidified its position as the platform of groups of people with common interest across Southeast Asia.

Customer Testimonials

Tencent Cloud helped us serve more than 10 million users across Southeast Asia to create an ecosystem among our users and sustain fast growth of e-book stores & UGC platforms.

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