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Customer Introduction

GCAR wants to provide customers with used car information as well as secure and convenient reservation and purchase services through the Charancha platform. To this end, it strives to interact with sellers in real time through live streaming, so as to enhance the information transparency and build a trustworthy and reliable used car marketplace.

Challenges & Goals

With the mission to establish a more convenient and approachable used car trading platform that customers can trust, GCAR hopes that buyers can communicate with sellers in real time through live streaming and interactions.

Tencent Cloud Solutions

Tencent Cloud TRTC solution supports proprietary end-to-end real-time streaming media services, automatic transcoding and processing, distribution acceleration, and multifunctional SDKs in one stop.

Highlighted Benefits

Tencent Cloud offers built-in cross-platform SDKs that are compatible with various clients such as iOS, Android, and web applications.

The combination of Tencent Cloud LVB solution with VOD, IM, and other features helps GCAR's platform implement stable live streaming from web clients to mobile devices, which fully meets the needs of GCAR for real-time online communication with customers.

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