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Customer Introduction

EventsWallet's mission is to ensure that the organization, hosting and attending of virtual events is as convinient as possible for the organizers and the attendees. Main customers include the organizers of events of any type, but the team has to make sure that the functionality of the platform is also convenient for exhibitors, event sponsors and visitors.

Hosting an event includes several steps: First, the organizer familiarizes himself with the platform. Afterwards the EventsWallet team provides free training for the organizer’s team and counsel them on event setting up process as well as technical matters. The organizer himself manages all the processes, however, Eventswallet provides continuous technical support before, during and after the event. The event platform can be used not only as a one-time event, but as an independent online conference center.

EventsWallet combines different technologies that help organizers to engage the audience for instance the integration of QR and push tools, direct one-click communication in video chat rooms and via texting, and also to easily evaluate statistics on user activity and export data and contacts after the event.

The event is available to users on the web, as well as mobile apps for iOS, Android and the Wechat mini-program for Chinese audiences.

More than 200 companies from 14 countries have already become our clients: Reed Exhibitions, Informa, LitExpo, UBM, VNU Asia Pacific, A Forum and others.

Challenges & Goals

Eventwallet's service has high demands towards scalability and real-time performance. The challenges the customer faced were to support a global audience during events and to ensure effective communication for every participant no matter where they are located.

Tencent Cloud Solutions

EventWallet needed a reliable technical partner to help ensure the quality of mass online and hybrid events around the world.

Previously, they actively worked with China, one of the fastest growing exhibition industry centers. Therefore, in order to maintain our connections during the quarantine period, we needed a service that would provide massive China coverage and ensure optimal connectivity inside and outside China.

With Tencent Cloud, we have achieved this goal and provided event organizers around the world with unique opportunities for online and hybrid events.

Highlighted Benefits

Thanks to the support of Tencent Cloud, we carry out events without geographic restrictions. One of our significant cases is the Chinese event with around 300 streams being launched at the same time that were broadcasted around the world. We were able to perform that as our platform possesses one of the most important features for SaaS platforms - reliable streaming function. Thanks to high-quality Tencent Cloud's services, up to 100,000 people can be present on the platform at the same time. Built-in communication tools helped us significantly boost participation and attendees engagement during the event.

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