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Customer Introduction

Shiro Games is an independent studio located in Bordeaux (France), a beautiful and lively city near the ocean, and created by video game veterans in order to bring new innovative games to life. Each of their games is built with love and passion by a small team of talented and dedicated people. The studio is best known for Northgard, the million-seller Viking strategy game, and the Evoland series. Shiro Games just released its new cooperative survival game, Darksburg, into Steam Early Access.

Challenges & Goals

To expand the reach of their players and community in Asia, Shiro Games was looking for a sustainable and scalable platform to support their existing games and the new Darksburg adventures. As Tencent is well-known in the gaming industry, Shiro Games reached out to Tencent Cloud during a dedicated event to help on the matter.

The challenges encountered by Shiro Games were about two key factors, connectivity across different regions as well as the need of scalable compute.

They also needed a sustainable platform in the long term, with a strong capacity and market standards compatibility with what they already deployed for the European market.

This deployment had to be able to cover all the Asia pacific region with the smoothest user gaming experience and least loading times

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud provides a wide variety of IaaS and PaaS services including compute with a large choice of instances types. CVM and CBS services provide reliablity (data persistency and high availability) and performance Shiro games looking for with an efficient pricing model. In the meantime, separate game servers were deployed in Beijing. In the first month only one was set up, but the infrastructure started to scale up rapidly to sustain the rapid growth of gamers.

Besides the compute capacity, the biggest requirement was the ability to transfer 1GB frequent update patches (3 or 4 times per month) across multiple regions. Tencent Cloud helped Shiro Games deploying the CCN network service, which made these kinds of transfers occur in less than 10 minutes. A configurable bandwidth cap limit is available in CCN service to ensure the data transfer is cost-effective.

The cooperation between Tencent Cloud Europe and China headquarters in Shenzhen ensures a strong and fast support to Shiro Games needs with the appreciated capacity to exchange in French and English.

Highlighted Benefits

Customer satisfaction was central throughout all the exchanges, and we are now working together to extend this fruitful cooperation into other services where Shiro Games shows a clear interest.

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