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Quick Integration Guide

Last updated: 2022-06-10 12:10:17


    This guide introduces how to call OCR APIs 3.0 through API 3.0 Explorer, and integrate SDKs in corresponding languages to the project after the OCR service is activated.


    Before calling an OCR API, apply to activate the corresponding OCR service.
    After activating the service, go to API 3.0 Explorer and make an OCR API call as follows.


    1. Select the API you want to call in the left sidebar.
    2. Enter the private key and required input parameters.
    • Region: region information in the domain name. This parameter determines the access point. For example, ocr.ap-shanghai.tencentcloudapi.com means Shanghai is the access point. The common parameter Region determines where business resources to be accessed reside. For example, Region=ap-beijing means resources in the Beijing region will be accessed. If no region is specified in the domain name, a nearby region will be accessed by default. But if the IP address fails to be resolved, Guangdong region will be accessed by default. You can configure different regions for domain name and common parameter, but this may cause latency. Thus, we recommend selecting the same Region, such as ap-guangzhou for South China (Guangzhou).
    • String will be parsed to Json.
    1. Select the language to generate codes.
      The codes will be generated according to parameter values you entered on the left. To modify input parameters, you need to change parameter values on the left to generate codes again.
    2. Integrate SDKs to the project.
      See SDK Usage Guide on the top right to integrate SDKs to the project and call APIs with codes generated in Step 3.

    Demo (recommended)

    const tencentcloud = require("../../../../tencentcloud-sdk-nodejs");
    const OcrClient = tencentcloud.ocr.v20181119.Client;
    const models = tencentcloud.ocr.v20181119.Models;
    const Credential = tencentcloud.common.Credential;
    const ClientProfile = tencentcloud.common.ClientProfile;
    const HttpProfile = tencentcloud.common.HttpProfile;
    Credential cred = new Credential("secretId", "secretKey");
    let httpProfile = new HttpProfile();
    let clientProfile = new ClientProfile();
    We recommend using V3 authentication, which is required if the request size exceeds 1 MB. Except for Node.js, SDKs in all other languages support V3.
    clientProfile.signMethod = "TC3-HMAC-SHA256";
    clientProfile.httpProfile = httpProfile;
    let client = new OcrClient(cred, "ap-guangzhou", clientProfile);
    let req = new models.IDCardOCRRequest();
    req.ImageUrl = "[https://test.jpg](https://test.jpg/)";
    req.CardSide = "FRONT";
    let config = {"CropPortrait":true};
    req.Config = JSON.stringify(config)
    client.IDCardOCR(req, function(errMsg, response) {
       if (errMsg) {


    • When you call APIs with SDKs, take note of the Region field for common parameters. We recommend using “ap-guangzhou” for both the domain name and Region.

    • SecretId/SecretKey generation: Access Keys -> Manage API Key. Currently, only the root account can call OCR APIs. They will be available to sub-accounts soon.

    • For Base64-encoded image or video, remove the data:image/jpg;base64, prefix and the line break \n.

    • If the following request result appears, configure the signature type manually:

      [TencentCloudSDKException]message:AuthFailure.SignatureFailure-The provided credentials
      could not be validated because of exceeding request size limit, please use new signature 
      method `TC3-HMAC-SHA256`. requestId:719970d4-5814-4dd9-9757-a3f11ecc9b20

    Configure the signature type:

    clientProfile.setSignMethod("TC3-HMAC-SHA256"); // Specifies the signature algorithm, which is HmacSHA256 by default

    If the API request size exceeds 1 MB, V3 authentication (TC3-HMAC-SHA256) is required. Except for Node. js, SDKs in all other languages support V3.

    • API 3.0 SDK supports Node.JS, Python, Java, PHP, Go and .Net. To call APIs with SDKs in other languages such as C++, you need to complete V3 authentication. We recommend using the string signature generation tool in API 3.0 Explorer for verification.
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