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Last updated: 2020-08-18 18:04:22

    What is the Security Operations Center?

    Security Operations Center (Security Operation Center,SOC) is Tencent Cloud native's unified security operation and management platform, which provides capabilities such as asset automation stocktaking, Internet attack surface mapping, cloud security configuration risk inspection, compliance risk assessment, Traffic threat awareness, leak monitoring, log audit and retrieval investigation, security orchestration and automatic response, and security visualization to help cloud users achieve security prevention in advance. Event monitoring and threat detection, one-stop, visual and automated cloud security operation management.


    Internet Traffic threat perception

    Carry out threat awareness against Internet Traffic to help customers detect Internet internal attacks and abnormal outreach behaviors of internal assets to the Internet, including Vulnerability's perception of threats such as attacks, command injection attacks, Brute force attacks attacks, botnet hosts, host mining behavior, Proxy tunnel behavior and so on.

    Asset Security Center

    Help customers automate cloud assets stocktaking. Stocktaking includes Cloud Virtual Machine, Cloud Object Storage, cloud database, cloud Cloud Load Balancer and other assets. At the same time, through a variety of security dimensions such as cloud configuration risk, Vulnerability and security events, asset security risks are managed uniformly to reduce the risk of "shadow IT" (IT assets unknown to IT administrators) on the cloud.

    Cloud Security configuration Management

    Provide automatic inspection and assessment of Tencent Cloud services configuration risks, covering various Tencent Cloud services, such as Cloud Virtual Machine, Cloud Object Storage, cloud database and Cloud Load Balancer, to help customers reduce the security risks caused by Tencent Cloud services's incorrect security configuration and improve the overall cloud security level.

    Internet attack surface mapping

    Aiming at Open's cloud assets on the Internet, provide Internet attack surface mapping function to help users quickly identify potential attack surfaces such as Open ports, Open services and Open components of cloud assets, and take precautions.

    Unified operation of security events

    Uniformly collect and store the security events detected by various security products on the cloud to help customers achieve convenient and unified operation and management of security events on the cloud.

    Log audit and retrieval investigation

    Collect all kinds of cloud security-related data, such as cloud security product alarm data, cloud asset configuration change data, cloud user behavior data and some Tencent Cloud services log data, and provide a unified retrieval and investigation platform to help users achieve comprehensive cloud log audit and retrieval investigation.

    Security visualization

    Through the security dashboard, security screen and security report center to achieve the global visualization of security on the cloud, to help customers to achieve real-time monitoring of the security situation and intuitive visualization of security construction results.

    Security orchestration and automatic response

    Provide security orchestration and automatic response functions. Through the built-in security orchestration script, you can automatically respond to a variety of security events and improve the efficiency of security incident response handling on the cloud.

    Compliance management

    In response to some of the compliance requirements in Grade Protection 2.0, the Security Operations Center provides automated dynamic compliance assessment and reinforcement recommendations, and customers can continuously monitor and evaluate the compliance risks of cloud assets as needed.

    Cloud UBA

    Provide visual audit and monitoring for cloud users' actions and cloud API calls, and detect alarms for sensitive and risk operations to identify security risks caused by users' abnormal behavior and risk API calls.

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