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EMR TianQiong Introduction

Last updated: 2021-08-12 10:25:16

    EMR TianQiong Introduction

    In order to provide more and better big data solutions and services to meet diversified application requirements, EMR has launched the EMR TianQiong series, which is based on the stable open source community component versions and has incorporated the mature and stable features developed by Tencent Cloud. The version number of EMR TianQiong is in the format of EMR-TianQiong-Vx.x.x. TianQiong series will continue to iterate to deliver better performance and higher stability.

    Key Features of EMR TianQiong

    The table below only lists the differences between the EMR TianQiong and EMR Open Source editions:

    Edition Feature
  • Based on Hadoop 2.8.5, EMR TianQiong Spark-3.0.1 supports Tencent's proprietary materialized views. It can precompute related summaries or materialized views to accelerate queries.
  • It supports Tencent's proprietary Kona JDK, providing stable support, security updates, enhanced performance, and advanced feature migration, and supporting tools such as JFR.
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