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Error Codes

Last updated: 2022-09-23 16:16:05

Feature Description

If there is an Error field in the response, it means that the API call failed. For example:

    "Response": {
        "Error": {
            "Code": "AuthFailure.SignatureFailure",
            "Message": "The provided credentials could not be validated. Please check your signature is correct."
        "RequestId": "ed93f3cb-f35e-473f-b9f3-0d451b8b79c6"

Code in Error indicates the error code, and Message indicates the specific information of the error.

Error Code List

Common Error Codes

Error Code Description
ActionOffline This API has been deprecated.
AuthFailure.InvalidAuthorization Authorization in the request header is invalid.
AuthFailure.InvalidSecretId Invalid key (not a TencentCloud API key type).
AuthFailure.MFAFailure MFA failed.
AuthFailure.SecretIdNotFound Key does not exist. Check if the key has been deleted or disabled in the console, and if not, check if the key is correctly entered. Note that whitespaces should not exist before or after the key.
AuthFailure.SignatureExpire Signature expired. Timestamp and server time cannot differ by more than five minutes. Please ensure your current local time matches the standard time.
AuthFailure.SignatureFailure Invalid signature. Signature calculation error. Please ensure you’ve followed the signature calculation process described in the Signature API documentation.
AuthFailure.TokenFailure Token error.
AuthFailure.UnauthorizedOperation The request is not authorized. For more information, see the CAM documentation.
DryRunOperation DryRun Operation. It means that the request would have succeeded, but the DryRun parameter was used.
FailedOperation Operation failed.
InternalError Internal error.
InvalidAction The API does not exist.
InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter.
InvalidParameterValue Invalid parameter value.
InvalidRequest The multipart format of the request body is incorrect.
IpInBlacklist Your IP is in uin IP blacklist.
IpNotInWhitelist Your IP is not in uin IP whitelist.
LimitExceeded Quota limit exceeded.
MissingParameter A parameter is missing.
NoSuchProduct The product does not exist.
NoSuchVersion The API version does not exist.
RequestLimitExceeded The number of requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.GlobalRegionUinLimitExceeded Uin exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.IPLimitExceeded The number of ip requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.UinLimitExceeded The number of uin requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestSizeLimitExceeded The request size exceeds the upper limit.
ResourceInUse Resource is in use.
ResourceInsufficient Insufficient resource.
ResourceNotFound The resource does not exist.
ResourceUnavailable Resource is unavailable.
ResponseSizeLimitExceeded The response size exceeds the upper limit.
ServiceUnavailable Service is unavailable now.
UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized operation.
UnknownParameter Unknown parameter.
UnsupportedOperation Unsupported operation.
UnsupportedProtocol HTTP(S) request protocol error; only GET and POST requests are supported.
UnsupportedRegion API does not support the requested region.

Service Error Codes

Error Code Description
FailedOperation.DuplicateOrderNotAllowed Duplicate order. Please check the EMR console.
FailedOperation.NotSupportPod Operation failed. The pods are not supported.
InternalError.AccountCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CamCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CamError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CbsCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CbsError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CdbCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CdbError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CheckQuotaErr CVM or CBS resources are insufficient, or the software is invalid.
InternalError.ConfigCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.CvmError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.KmsError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.ProjectCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.SgError An error occurred when calling a security group API.
InternalError.TKEError An error occurred while calling TKE.
InternalError.TagError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.TradeCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.VpcCgwError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.VpcError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InternalError.WoodServerError An error occurred while calling another service API.
InvalidParameter.DisplayStrategyNotMatch Incorrect display policy.
InvalidParameter.HALessMasterCount Parameter error.
InvalidParameter.IncorrectCommonCount The number of common nodes is invalid.
InvalidParameter.IncorrectMasterCount The number of master nodes is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAppId Invalid AppId.
InvalidParameter.InvalidAutoRenew Invalid auto-renewal flag.
InvalidParameter.InvalidClickHouseCluster Invalid ClickHouse cluster.
InvalidParameter.InvalidClientToken Invalid ClientToken.
InvalidParameter.InvalidClusterId Invalid parameter: ClusterId.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCommonDiskType Invalid parameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidComponent Invalid component.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCoreCount The number of core nodes is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCount The count must be greater than 0.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCountNum A scale-out request only applies to task nodes or core nodes.
InvalidParameter.InvalidCustomizedPodParam Error message: Invalid PodParameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidDiskSize Invalid disk size.
InvalidParameter.InvalidEksInstance Invalid EKS instance.
InvalidParameter.InvalidExtendField Invalid CustomConfig.
InvalidParameter.InvalidInstanceName Invalid cluster name.
InvalidParameter.InvalidInstanceType Invalid model.
InvalidParameter.InvalidLoginSetting Invalid login settings.
InvalidParameter.InvalidMasterDiskType Invalid parameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidMetaDataJdbcUrl Invalid metadatabase URL.
InvalidParameter.InvalidMetaType Invalid metadata table type.
InvalidParameter.InvalidModifySpec Invalid target specification.
InvalidParameter.InvalidNodeType Invalid NodeType.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPassword Invalid password.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPaymode Invalid billing mode.
InvalidParameter.InvalidPreExecutedFile Invalid bootstrap script.
InvalidParameter.InvalidProductId Invalid product ID.
InvalidParameter.InvalidProjectId Invalid project ID.
InvalidParameter.InvalidResourceIds Invalid resource ID.
InvalidParameter.InvalidResourceSpec Invalid resource specification.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSecuritySupport This EMR version does not support the security mode.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSercurityGrpupId Invalid security group ID.
InvalidParameter.InvalidServiceName The service name is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidServiceNodeInfo The ServiceNodeInfo parameter is invalid or incorrect.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftDeployInfo The InvalidSoftDeployInfo parameter is invalid or incorrect.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftInfo Invalid SoftInfo.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftWare Incorrect parameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftWareName The software name is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSoftWareVersion The software version is invalid.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSubnetId Invalid subnet ID.
InvalidParameter.InvalidSupportHA Invalid high availability parameter.
InvalidParameter.InvalidTaskCount The number of task nodes cannot exceed 20.
InvalidParameter.InvalidTimeSpan Invalid timespan.
InvalidParameter.InvalidTimeUnit Invalid TimeUnit.
InvalidParameter.InvalidTkeInstance The TKE cluster ID is invalid, or the TKE cluster is not eligible.
InvalidParameter.InvalidUnifyMeta Invalid unified metadatabase.
InvalidParameter.InvalidVpcId Invalid VPC ID.
InvalidParameter.InvalidZone Invalid AZ.
InvalidParameter.NotContainMustSelectSoftware Invalid parameter. Necessary components are missing.
InvalidParameter.OrderFieldNotMatch Invalid sorting field.
InvalidParameter.PayModeResourceNotMatch The billing mode and resource do not match.
InvalidParameter.ProjectResourceNotMatch The project does not match the resource.
InvalidParameter.SoftwareNotInProduct There is an invalid product component.
InvalidParameter.UngrantedPolicy The policy is not authorized.
InvalidParameter.UngrantedRole The role is not authorized.
InvalidParameter.ZoneResourceNotMatch The AZ and resource do not match.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidTkeInstance The TKE cluster ID is invalid, or the TKE cluster is not eligible.
ResourceInUse.InstanceInProcess The instance is under workflow.
ResourceInsufficient.DiskInsufficient The disk specification is insufficient.
ResourceInsufficient.InstanceInsufficient The node specification is unsupported or has been sold out.
ResourceNotFound.ClusterNotFound The instance was not found.
ResourceNotFound.HardwareInfoNotFound No hardware information found.
ResourceNotFound.InstanceNotFound The instance was not found.
ResourceNotFound.ResourceNotFound Unable to find the monitoring metadata.
ResourceNotFound.SubnetNotFound No corresponding subnet found.
ResourceNotFound.TKEPreconditionNotFound Preset components of the TKE cluster are not deployed.
ResourceNotFound.TagsNotFound No specified tag found.
ResourceUnavailable.ResourceSpecNotDefaultSpec There is no default value of the current resource spec.
ResourcesSoldOut The resources have been sold out.
ResourcesSoldOut.CbsSoldOut The CBS resources have been sold out.
ResourcesSoldOut.CvmSoldOut CVM instances have been sold out.
UnsupportedOperation.ServiceNotSupport This operation is not supported.
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