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Instance Information

Last updated: 2023-12-27 10:26:23


    Instance information records the basic information of your EMR cluster. You can view the basic configuration, software information, and hardware information of the cluster on the Instance Information page.
    The Basic Configuration section displays basic information of the cluster, such as network information, creation time, security group, high-availability switch status, master public IP, billing mode, host login method, automatic service role definition switch status, and COS switch status.
    The Software Info section displays the cluster type, use case, product version, deployed component, MetaDB, Hive metadatabase, and Kerberos mode switch status.
    The Hardware Configuration section displays the quantity of nodes in each type.
    This document describes how to view the cluster instance information in the console.


    1. After successfully creating a cluster, log in to the EMR console and click the ID/Name of the cluster.
    2. If COS is not enabled for the cluster, click Authorize.
    If you need refined authorization, you can set a custom service role for accessing Tencent Cloud resources during the execution of big data jobs. You should select Tencent Cloud product service as the service role type and Elastic MapReduce as the service supporting the role.
    To change the host login password or method of cluster nodes after scale-out, click Change.
    The login method set for initializing nodes in an EMR cluster. After the cluster is created, modification of the setting here applies only to new nodes.
    You can go to the CVM console to change host passwords/keys of existing nodes of the cluster. Before change, see Shutting Down Instances to understand the potential shutdown risks.
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