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Last updated: 2022-09-23 16:15:59

Information Query APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeClusterNodes Queries hardware node information
DescribeEmrApplicationStatics [Monitor] Queries application statistics
DescribeInstances Queries EMR instances
DescribeInstancesList Queries EMR cluster instances
InquiryPriceCreateInstance Queries price of instance creation
InquiryPriceRenewInstance Queries the price for renewal
InquiryPriceScaleOutInstance Queries price of scale-out
InquiryPriceUpdateInstance Queries price of scaling

Other APIs

API Name Feature
AddUsersForUserManager Adds user lists (user management)
DescribeResourceSchedule Gets data from the YARN Resource Scheduling page
DescribeUsersForUserManager Queries the user list (user management)
ModifyResourceScheduleConfig Modifies the resource configuration of YARN Resource Scheduling
ModifyResourceScheduler Modifies the YARN resource scheduler

Scaling APIs

API Name Feature
ScaleOutInstance Scales out instances
TerminateTasks Terminates a task node

Cluster Lifecycle APIs

API Name Feature
CreateInstance Creates EMR instance
TerminateInstance Terminates EMR instances
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