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Add Deployment Stage to Build Plan

Last updated: 2022-03-09 15:29:00

    Before you trigger deployment in Continuous Deployment, go to the CODING-CD Console to associate your application with the project.

    You can add a deployment stage to a build plan in either of the following ways:

    • Directly use a build plan template
    • Add a deployment stage to an existing build plan

    Use Build Plan Template


    Associate the cloud account for the relevant cluster in the CODING-CD Console. For more information, see Cloud Accounts.

    Click Continuous Deployment in the product section on the left, and then click "Create Build Plan" in the upper-right corner. Under the Deployment category, select the Push to Kubernetes template.

    Select the corresponding artifact repository, remote cluster address, and other information as instructed. When you are done, select "Trigger build after creation".

    After the setup is complete, you can run the continuous build plan to automate the release process.

    Add Deployment Stage

    Click Build Plan > Process Configuration to add a deployment stage by using an editor or entering a command.

    Graphical editor

    Add a deployment stage in the existing build plan settings, and then fill in the image URL, cluster, namespace, etc.


    stage('Push to CODING Docker artifact repository') {
    steps {
    script {
    ) }


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