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Last updated: 2023-03-14 16:55:43

Remote Command APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit
CancelInvocation Cancels the execution of a command 20
CreateCommand Creates a command 20
CreateInvoker Creates an invoker 20
DeleteCommand Deletes a command 20
DeleteInvoker Deletes an invoker 20
DescribeAutomationAgentStatus Queries the agent status 20
DescribeCommands Queries command details 20
DescribeInvocationTasks Queries the execution tasks 20
DescribeInvocations Queries the execution activities 20
DescribeInvokerRecords Queries the execution history of an invoker 20
DescribeInvokers Queries invokers 20
DisableInvoker Disables an invoker 20
EnableInvoker Enables an invoker 20
InvokeCommand Triggers a command 20
ModifyCommand Modifies a command 20
ModifyInvoker Modifies an invoker 20
PreviewReplacedCommandContent Previews a command 20
RunCommand Executes a command 20

Region APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit
DescribeRegions Queries regions that support TAT 20
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