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Installing TAT Agent

Last updated: 2023-06-12 16:07:35


    This document guides you through the process of installing the TencentCloud Automation Tools (TAT) agent on a Lighthouse or CVM instance.

    • The TAT agent supports TencentOS Server, Linux releases and Windows operating systems.
    • TAT agent is only available for VPC-based instances.


    Choose the directions according to your operating system.

    1. Log in to the Linux instance.
    2. Run the following command with the root account to install the TAT agent.
      wget -O - https://tat-gz-1258344699.cos.ap-guangzhou.myqcloud.com/install_agent.sh | sh


    For Linux instances and Window instances using Windows Server 2016 and later versions, it’s unnecessary to change the URL. However, for instances using Windows Server 2012 R2 and earlier versions, if the instance does not have the access to internet and is not located in Guangzhou region, you need to modify the URL to a URL in the same region as of the instance in the following format:

    • short-region: the short region name
    • region: the complete region name
      Check below for the list of short and complete region names:
      Region Short region name Complete region name
      Bangkok th ap-bangkok
      Beijing bj ap-beijing
      Beijing Finance bjjr ap-beijing-fsi
      Chengdu cd ap-chengdu
      Chongqing cq ap-chongqing
      Guangzhou gz ap-guangzhou
      Hong Kong (China) hk ap-hongkong
      Jakarta jkt ap-jakarta
      Mumbai in ap-mumbai
      Nanjing nj ap-nanjing
      Seoul kr ap-seoul
      Shanghai sh ap-shanghai
      Shanghai Finance shjr ap-shanghai-fsi
      Shenzhen Finance szjr ap-shenzhen-fsi
      Singapore sg ap-singapore
      Taipei (China) tpe ap-taipei
      Tokyo jp ap-tokyo
      Frankfurt de eu-frankfurt
      Virginia use na-ashburn
      Silicon Valley usw na-siliconvalley
      Toronto ca na-toronto
      São Paulo sao sa-saopaulo
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