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Error Codes

Last updated: 2023-03-14 16:55:48

Feature Description

If there is an Error field in the response, it means that the API call failed. For example:

    "Response": {
        "Error": {
            "Code": "AuthFailure.SignatureFailure",
            "Message": "The provided credentials could not be validated. Please check your signature is correct."
        "RequestId": "ed93f3cb-f35e-473f-b9f3-0d451b8b79c6"

Code in Error indicates the error code, and Message indicates the specific information of the error.

Error Code List

Common Error Codes

Error Code Description
ActionOffline This API has been deprecated.
AuthFailure.InvalidAuthorization Authorization in the request header is invalid.
AuthFailure.InvalidSecretId Invalid key (not a TencentCloud API key type).
AuthFailure.MFAFailure MFA failed.
AuthFailure.SecretIdNotFound Key does not exist. Check if the key has been deleted or disabled in the console, and if not, check if the key is correctly entered. Note that whitespaces should not exist before or after the key.
AuthFailure.SignatureExpire Signature expired. Timestamp and server time cannot differ by more than five minutes. Please ensure your current local time matches the standard time.
AuthFailure.SignatureFailure Invalid signature. Signature calculation error. Please ensure you’ve followed the signature calculation process described in the Signature API documentation.
AuthFailure.TokenFailure Token error.
AuthFailure.UnauthorizedOperation The request is not authorized. For more information, see the CAM documentation.
DryRunOperation DryRun Operation. It means that the request would have succeeded, but the DryRun parameter was used.
FailedOperation Operation failed.
InternalError Internal error.
InvalidAction The API does not exist.
InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter.
InvalidParameterValue Invalid parameter value.
InvalidRequest The multipart format of the request body is incorrect.
IpInBlacklist Your IP is in uin IP blacklist.
IpNotInWhitelist Your IP is not in uin IP whitelist.
LimitExceeded Quota limit exceeded.
MissingParameter A parameter is missing.
NoSuchProduct The product does not exist.
NoSuchVersion The API version does not exist.
RequestLimitExceeded The number of requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.GlobalRegionUinLimitExceeded Uin exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.IPLimitExceeded The number of ip requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.UinLimitExceeded The number of uin requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestSizeLimitExceeded The request size exceeds the upper limit.
ResourceInUse Resource is in use.
ResourceInsufficient Insufficient resource.
ResourceNotFound The resource does not exist.
ResourceUnavailable Resource is unavailable.
ResponseSizeLimitExceeded The response size exceeds the upper limit.
ServiceUnavailable Service is unavailable now.
UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized operation.
UnknownParameter Unknown parameter.
UnsupportedOperation Unsupported operation.
UnsupportedProtocol HTTP(S) request protocol error; only GET and POST requests are supported.
UnsupportedRegion API does not support the requested region.

Service Error Codes

Error Code Description
AuthFailure CAM signature/authentication error.
FailedOperation.CVMError Failed to access the CVM.
FailedOperation.LighthouseError Failed to access the Lighthouse instance.
InvalidParameter.ConflictParameter Conflicting parameters.
InvalidParameter.InvalidUsername Invalid username.
InvalidParameter.ParameterNameDuplicated Duplicate parameter name.
InvalidParameterValue.AgentUnsupportedCommandType TAT Agent does not support this command type.
InvalidParameterValue.CommandContentInvalid Invalid command content.
InvalidParameterValue.CommandNameDuplicated Duplicate command name.
InvalidParameterValue.InconsistentInstance Inconsistent instance type.
InvalidParameterValue.InstanceIsNotRelatedToInvocation The instance with this ID has no such execution activity.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidCommandId Invalid CommandId.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidCommandName Invalid command name.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidContent Invalid command.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidCronExpression Invalid crontab expression.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidFilter Invalid filter.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidInstanceId Invalid instance ID.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidInvocationId Invalid execution activity ID.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidInvocationTaskId Invalid execution task ID.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidInvokerId Invalid InvokerId.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidOutputCOSBucketUrl Invalid OutputCOSBucketUrl.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidOutputCOSKeyPrefix Invalid OutputCOSKeyPrefix.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidTimeFormat Invalid time format.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidUsername Invalid username.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidWorkingDirectory Invalid command execution path.
InvalidParameterValue.InvokeTimeExpired API invocation expired.
InvalidParameterValue.LackOfParameterInfo The custom parameter feature is enabled, but custom parameters are missing.
InvalidParameterValue.LackOfParameters Parameters not provided.
InvalidParameterValue.LimitExceeded Parameter limit exceeded.
InvalidParameterValue.ParameterDisabled The custom parameter feature is not enabled.
InvalidParameterValue.ParameterInvalidJsonFormat The parameter is not a valid JSON string.
InvalidParameterValue.ParameterKeyContainsInvalidChar The parameter key contains invalid characters.
InvalidParameterValue.ParameterKeyDuplicated Duplicate parameter keys.
InvalidParameterValue.ParameterKeyLenExceeded The parameter key is too long.
InvalidParameterValue.ParameterNumberExceeded Too many parameters.
InvalidParameterValue.ParameterValueNotString The parameter value is not a string.
InvalidParameterValue.Range The parameter value is not in the valid range.
InvalidParameterValue.SupportParametersOnlyIfEnableParameter The custom parameter feature is not enabled.
InvalidParameterValue.TooLong Length limit exceeded.
LimitExceeded.FilterValueExceeded Too many Filter values.
ResourceNotFound.CommandNotFound The command does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.InstanceNotFound The instance does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.InvocationNotFound No execution activity found.
ResourceNotFound.RoleNotFound The role does not exist.
ResourceUnavailable.AgentNotInstalled TAT Agent is not installed.
ResourceUnavailable.AgentStatusNotOnline TAT Agent is offline.
ResourceUnavailable.CommandInExecuting The command is being executed.
ResourceUnavailable.CommandInInvoker The command has been bound to an invoker.
ResourceUnavailable.InstanceStateNotRunning The instance is not running.
ResourceUnavailable.LighthouseUnsupportedRegion Lighthouse is not supported in the region.
UnauthorizedOperation.CamAuthFailed CAM authentication failed.
UnauthorizedOperation.InvalidToken Invalid token.
UnauthorizedOperation.MFAExpired The Multi-factor authentication (MFA) code expired.
UnauthorizedOperation.MFANotFound Multi-factor authentication (MFA) does not exist.
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