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Issue Summary

Last updated: 2024-03-04 22:48:24

    Mini Program Domain and Privacy API Verification

    During the utilization of the Mini Program, the legitimacy of the interface request domain is verified. Additionally, if a privacy API is set in the management background, authorization verification is also conducted. However, verification is not performed in the following scenarios:
    The Mini Program is operating in an informal version and has activated the Mini Program Debugging feature.

    Support for Modularized Projects

    When developers simultaneously use the @JsPlugin or @ProxyService annotations in multiple modules of a modularized project, the following error may occur during the Make Project process:
    The following configuration is required to support multi-modularized projects:
    1. In each module that uses the @JsPlugin or @ProxyService annotations, add the following code to the build.gradle:
    android {
    defaultConfig {
    javaCompileOptions {
    annotationProcessorOptions {
    // Configure the module name: Developers define a unique name themselves that follows the Android class name definition standard.
    arguments = [tcmppModuleName: "Demo"]
    2. Register the module in the initialization code:
    @ProxyService(proxy = MiniConfigProxy.class)
    public class MiniConfigProxyImpl extends MiniConfigProxy {
    public MiniInitConfig buildConfig() {
    MiniInitConfig.Builder builder = new MiniInitConfig.Builder();
    // Register all the modules defined above and ensure that the registerModule parameter values are consistent with the tcmppModuleName definitions provided earlier.
    return builder
    If the developers only have one module using the @JsPlugin or @ProxyService annotations, the above configuration can be ignored, because the SDK will have a default module name internally.
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