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Account Cancellation

Last updated: 2023-12-26 16:08:27
    Once an account has been cancelled, it cannot be restored. In order to ensure that your account assets, cloud resources, account information, and so on, are not affected, backup all data under your account before you apply to cancel your account.

    Notes for Account Cancellation

    1. There are no uncompleted orders or services in the account. There are no outstanding or unsettled payments, or other unfulfilled obligations that should be fulfilled in accordance with the requirements of laws and regulations.
    2. There are no unused rights in the account (if you initiate the account cancellation process when there are unused rights under the account, you are deemed to have voluntarily waived use the corresponding rights and can no longer use them). Note: unused rights refer to cash, gift cards, vouchers and cloud resources under the account.
    3. Your account has been unbound with third-party web applications (such as websites, apps) or other accounts, all external authorizations have been revoked, or you are sure that not unbinding your account or not revoking those external authorizations will not have any adverse effects on you and the third parties.
    4. All collaborators, sub-users, and message recipients under your account have been deleted. You can delete them in User Management.
    5. The API keys under your account have been deleted. You can delete them in API Key Management.
    6. All the data and information under the account have been migrated and properly backed up, or you completely waive the rights to retain and retrieve those data and information.
    7. You submit an account cancellation request, not in order to avoid complaints, disputes, litigations that are happening or about to happen, and not in order to avoid the supervision of the competent authorities or the relevant provisions of laws and regulations.
    8. The account is not involved in any complaints or reports.
    9. You have properly handled any other matters that may affect your rights.

    Account Cancellation Process

    1. Go to the Account Center

    Go to Account Center >Security Settings. In the account cancellation module, select Cancel.

    2. Confirm the application to cancel the account

    Before submitting the application, read the notes carefully.

    3. Verify mobile number

    Verify your recovery mobile number. You cannot proceed to the next step before a successful verification.

    4. Upload basic information materials

    Users that have already undergone identity verification must upload the documents needed to verify their identity. Users that have not verified their identity do not need to perform this step and can proceed directly to the cancellation application review stage. Documents needed for identity verified personal users:
    Passport or driver’s license.
    Above scans must be in color.
    Documents needed for identity verified enterprise users:
    Business identification.
    Above scans must be in color.

    5. Review of the cancellation application

    The review of the account cancellation application takes approximately 3 business days. You will be notified of the results through your secure phone number or email address. If you need to modify your secure phone number or email address, go to Account Center > Security Settings.

    6. Successful account cancellation

    When the account has been cancelled successfully, you will be notified by SMS and email. After the account is cancelled, you will no longer be able to use this account to log in to the Tencent Cloud website.
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