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Sustainability in Tencent Cloud

Go Green with Tencent CloudTencent Cloud's commitment of using clean energy and reducing the carbon footprint for every cloud customer


How Tencent Cloud Builds Sustainable Data Centers

Tencent Cloud makes use of innovative technologies to build green data centers as part of its commitment to corporate responsibility in protecting the environment. In the data center site selection, Tencent Cloud places a huge premium on choosing localities with abundant renewable and clean energy resources. Tencent Cloud selects sites rich in hydro, wind, biogas, waste-to-energy recovery and other clean energy resources and maximizes the utilization of green energy.

Over the last decade, Tencent Cloud has remained committed to the green movement by improving energy utilization proficiency of data centers. PUE of Tencent Data Centers evolved from 1.8 to 1.2 in its progression from Gen1 to Gen4 technologies, the overall energy consumption has been cut by more than 50% which equates to a decrease of 320,000 tons in carbon emissions or an increase of 186 km2 of carbon sequestration afforestation per year(Based on Tencent Cloud server volume as of 2019 year-end).

In the last decade, Tencent Cloud has dramatically reduced energy consumption of data centers by refining operations, such as boosting electricity utilization and reducing unnecessary lighting. Tencent Cloud minimizes the production of solid waste by using standardized equipment. Moreover, Tencent Cloud implements stringent handling policies on hazardous solid waste, including e-waste. We hire qualified third-party companies to ensure all waste is safely disposed of to reduce environmental impact.

Tencent Cloud jointly researches and develops green-credentialed equipment with supply-chains, forming an ecosystem in which servers are able to deliver enhanced computing capabilities while using less power and energy. With all these environmental protection measures in place, all customers using Tencent Cloud can rest assured that they are doing their part in reducing energy consumption and the global carbon footprint. Migrating your services from traditional data centers to Tencent Cloud can lower carbon emissions in your infrastructure by more than 70%.


Best Practices

  • Centralized Hyper-scale Data Center campuses

    Tencent Cloud adopts a large-scale centralized data center campus design (with 160 MW per campus) instead of the traditional distributed style. This approach maximizes building and energy efficiency, and minimize PUE.

  • Self-developed Data Center technologies

    Tencent's third and fourth generation data centers, Tencent modular data centers (TMDCs) and Tencent blocks (T-blocks) respectively, form the overwhelming majority of the data centers deployed. These advanced data centers incorporate core technologies such as high voltage direct current (HVDC), HVDC+Photovoltaic, indirect evaporative cooling and intelligent Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system.

  • Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence(AI)

    Tencent Cloud has developed AI and machine learning technologies for capacity control, PUE optimization, and proactive health management. These technologies can also automatically adjust the data center cooling systems to adapt to environment and climate changes, in order to maintain high efficiency of energy utilization.

  • Contributions and Prospects

    Tencent Cloud shares its best practices and technologies in building green data centers in the industry. Tencent Cloud's HVDC, micro module, and indirect evaporative cooling technologies are widely adopted in data center builds throughout Mainland China, and Tencent Cloud has driven to formulate the industratrial standards for HVDC and micro module technologies to enhance energy conservation. In the future, Tencent Cloud will further promote T-block technology and smart Data Center products such as Mini-TB and Tencent Intelligent DCIM system in more and wider industry areas.

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