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Partner Introduction

Since inception in 2016, JINGdigital has been focused on maintaining a SaaS business model instead of custom software solutions. At the same time, JINGdigital’s growth rate has remained high for five consecutive years with an annual growth rate of over 100%. JINGdigital sees its advantage coming from the depth of research into their customers needs and pain points. Through customer conversations and multiple iterations of product, the founding team at JINGdigital built a marketing automation platform and related functional modules that are a great fit for B2B marketing teams in the China market. The products, covering the whole chain of B2B enterprises’ marketing process from “marketing” to “selling”, help enterprises truly realize ROI through their marketing efforts. JINGdigital’s customers include over 300 domestic and international enterprises such as Merck, Agilent, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Organon, Sartorius, Bosch, Aurora Group, Winner Technologies, etc.

Partner Solutions

Partner Benefits

-High customer satisfaction: Industry-leading renewal rate (90%)

-70+ customer success team: The implementation team is experienced in practical operation and will accompany you throughout your transformation journey

-Complete industry solution: Continuous improvements in standardize products and teams after serving 300+ brands successfully

-What you see is what you get: True SaaS platform with no hidden costs

Brand DNA:

1. Committed to providing services for B2B enterprises: Our knowledge of B2B businesses runs deep. CDP solutions tailored for B2B enterprises

2. Deliver value: We build long-term relationships with our customers. As a SaaS company, our success is determined by our customers‘ satisfaction.

3. Enterprise business, ready to go: We are capable of complex enterprise-level business requirements. Cross-BU data support; Data architecture that adapts seamlessly to multiple business models; Strict and precise authorization with licensing control.

4. Data security and Transfermation: We strictly protect the security of your data - yes, your data belongs to you forever. Static data encryption; PII access control; Data access with open architecture

Joint Customer Success Stories

Client Introduction:

The client is the industry‘s first digital and integrated professional car maintenance service provider.

The company provides customers with an integrated supply chain (S) through an intelligent digital platform, empowers the store (B), and provides consumers (C) with a convenient, high-quality, and reliable omnichannel car maintenance experience, using the "S2B2C" model to create an integrated upstream and downstream car maintenance ecosystem.


Tencent Cloud team is leading the project for providing the client with overall digitization strategy and building their big data technology platform, thus helping the client to integrate the data from multi-channels and empower different departments.

At the meantime, the client is seeking for a marketing automation solution to collect customer data and to have a deep understanding of the customer persona. As JINGdigital is a partner of Tencent Cloud, and JINGdigital has rich experience in both B2C( Business to Customer) and B2B (Business to Business) industries, so JINGdigital‘s marketing automation platform was integrated into the solution by Tencent Cloud team.

Our Service:

The client has two Weixin service accounts, one is targeting individual customers(B2C), and one is for potential company buyers(B2B).

According to the client’s needs, JINGdigital tailored different tactics for these two Weixin acounts:

For the B2C account:

-By implementing the QR codes with parameters in stores, once users scanned we could identify users action in the Weixin ecosystem.

-Send segmented content materials to users at all levels.

-Creation of personalized nurturing campaigns.

For the B2B account:

-Push users to fulfil information by event registrations.

-Integrating with the company’s business model, facilitate users progression from fans to members to dealers to senior dealers.


- Increase customer reach through consumer journeys.

- Drive more traffic to stores directly resulting from campaigns and also help the brand to identify the premier stores.

- Completing 360 degree user profile , and through customer profile creation, the company could provide more accurate marketing activities and personalized services.

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