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Major Solutions

· Real-Time communication solution

· AI solution

· Hybrid cloud solution

· WeChat solution

· Finance solution

Own Services

· Solutions and services for travel to Japan


Travel concierge service tailored for Chinese travelers to Japan

· WeShoW, an entertainment and sports-focused fan interaction service

New-Generation communication service connecting artists and fans online

Tencent Cloud Validated Certifications

Tencent CSIG‘s strategic partner in the Japanese market

SaaS independent software vendor (ISV) designated by Tencent CSIG for the Japanese market

Cloud and product solution sales agency designated by Tencent CSIG

Cloud service technical support partner (TCP) designated by Tencent CSIG

Partner Introduction

E-BUSINESS has 200 engineers familiar with Chinese and Japanese cultures and businesses.

Since our establishment in 2007, we have won trust from many customers in the field of IT solutions and services. In recent years, we have been leveraging our technical capabilities and business expertise accumulated over around 15 years to plan and develop our own diverse services.

In particular, we strategically join hands with Tencent Cloud, a major cloud vendor in China, to provide high-quality cloud services.

Our goal is to offer solutions that satisfy all customers based on our technical capabilities, rich knowledge, and considerable experience.

Partner Solutions


It provides travel concierge and booking services tailored for Chinese travelers to Japan through the WeChat platform.

· WeShoW

It is a fan interaction platform where both streamers and viewers can enjoy a premium live streaming experience.

· Relevant Tencent Cloud products

We use a wide variety of Tencent Cloud products, including WeChat Mini Program, WeChat Pay, CVM, COS, CDN, CLB, TencentDB for MySQL, TencentDB for MongoDB, TencentDB for Redis, ASR, TRTC, IM, CSS, and VOD.

Partner Benefits

· Offer a WeChat-Based service platform

(with great achievements in introducing hundreds of hotel facilities in the field of entry solutions)

· Diversify enterprise-oriented DX solutions

· Provide IT infrastructure and SaaS services for Japanese enterprises marching into the Chinese market

Joint Customer Success Stories


This service has been embraced by 300 facilities with the hope to attract customers and reduce costs after the COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted.

· WeShoW

It hosts fan events made impossible by COVID-19 online.

It is widely used by many popular idol groups and professional sports teams for online event organization.

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