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Partner Introduction

In the IT business environment of various customers, the data-based sharing economy and the 4th industrial revolution paradigm, the cloud environment of all industries is changing. The adoption of cloud technology has become a requirement, not an option. Cloud services are now demanding customer-centric values ​​beyond infrastructure.

CAPCLOUD founded to provide a brand new cloud service adding new value to the cloud environment, and became the first official MSP partner of Tencent Cloud in Korea.

As the first TCA certified partner in Korea and an official global partner of Tencent Cloud, CAPCLOUD provides a business platform supporting customers' new opportunities and innovations at the peak of the cloud environment.

Partner Solutions

1. Tencent Cloud Infrastructure : Compute, CDN & Acceleration, Storage, Security, Database Tencent DB, Networking

2. Cloud Service Consulting : In accordance with various customer service environment, CAPCLOUD provides consulting services such as service architecture proposal and proper suggestion for cloud service migration on Tencent Cloud product, cloud service efficiency, and new service building.

3. Providing various solutions to shorten development time for customers : Providing solutions specialized in games, video streaming, QA, AI, etc.

4. IT Managed Service: Providing cloud service MSP to customers through a cloud technology expert group

Partner Benefits

1.Developer Community: CAPCLOUD runs a developer community support program in a long-term to activate Tencent Cloud-based developer ecosystem in Korea.

2. Solution Publishing: CAPCLOUD discovers outstanding solutions and supports the SaaS or PaaS commercialization based on Tencent Cloud and market places, and actively supports overseas expansion through it.

3. Providing Cloud Consulting Service & IT Managed Service:

As the first TCA certified partner in Korea, we provide technical advices for the customer's IT environment in terms of stabilization and efficient operation.

4. Through a team of experts from the CAPCLOUD Korea headquarters and its China branch, CAPCLOUD actively supports Korean companies that are willing to enter Chinese market based on the Tencent Cloud service by cooperating with expert groups in HQ in Korea and its China branch.

5. CAPCLOUD provides test automation services for stable operation of PC/mobile apps in various client environments.

Joint Customer Success Stories

CAPCLOUD provides services to many clients across a variety of industries, with particular strengths in the game, video streaming, and multimedia industry. Major customers include NCsoft, Netmarble, Smilegate, Wemade, Gravity, Mgame, TI Square, Hunet, and Deutsch Autoworld.

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