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Customer Introduction

Founded in 2009, iClick Interactive Asia Group Limited (NASDAQ: ICLK) is a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform in China. iClick’s mission is to empower worldwide brands to unlock the enormous market potential of smart retail. With its leading proprietary technologies, iClick's full suite of data-driven solutions helps brands drive significant business growth and profitability throughout the full consumer lifecycle. Over the years, iClick has won immense trust from our 3000+ direct marketers and agency clients. Headquartered in Hong Kong, iClick currently operates in eleven locations across Asia and Europe.

Challenges & Goals

As a pioneer in online marketing and digital operations, we use our product platforms to collect and integrate high amounts of internet user data and business operations data. With the expansion of our business and strategic cooperation, our demand for data storage and computing also surges. To meet our needs effectively and efficiently, we choose Tencent Cloud services to solve the problem of insufficient storage. We also desire to improve our operational efficiency and platform quality and stability, with the aim to deliver a better access experience to users.

Tencent Cloud Sloution

iClick chooses Tencent Cloud mainly for four reasons:

• High flexibility and scalability

Leveraging big data technologies, we empower organizations in different industries to succeed in business. We offer a full suite of technologies, solutions, and value-added services required for online marketing and digital operations to empower our customers' sustainable growth. Tencent Cloud provides us with one-stop smart solutions catering to our needs for business innovation and product optimization. This matters a lot since it enables us to tackle various business scenarios and challenges with ease. Tencent Cloud also brings us scalable storage and computing services. As our business needs change, we can scale the resources easily. This delivers greater flexibility to our businesses.

• Global services plus resources from Tencent

What really sets Tencent Cloud apart from other cloud vendors is its globally deployed infrastructure and IDCs. They fully empower iSmartGo, our SaaS platform for developing cross-border ecommerce mini programs, to help global brands quickly extend their presence in China and tap into the consumption potential. This platform helps global ecommerce merchants reduce customer acquisition costs, increase customer retention, and more.

• High stability and security

Tencent Cloud services are very stable and reliable. Its comprehensive security protection system guarantees data security, meeting our daily security operations requirements.

• Superior technical support

Tencent Cloud's professional and timely technical support enables us to focus on serving our global customers, who are seeking to improve their marketing and operational efficiency to fully exploit the market opportunities in China.

Highlighted Benefits

CVM offers flexible billing modes. Fees are billed by the type and usage of cloud services. This reduces our Ops costs.

CLB greatly improves the performance and reliability of our applications, websites, and databases.

CDN and GAAP enable iClick websites and applications to load faster. This gives our customers a better access experience.

With Tencent Cloud services, we don't need to build our own systems. This also allows us to optimize our resource allocation and greatly reduce our operating costs.

In the future, iClick will try out other innovative services and solutions of Tencent Cloud. We hope to fully leverage its services and resources to develop, optimize, and upgrade our own offerings. This way we will be better equipped to help customers win.

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