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Customer Introduction

Maoyan Entertainment is a Chinese company that owns the largest online movie ticketing website in China, maoyan.com, with over 60% share of the China online ticketing market in 2021.

Tencent Cloud in partnership with Maoyan, was awarded by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) of the Hong Kong SAR government in Oct 2020, to provide the ticketing services for government performance venues from Dec 2022 through URBTIX.

Challenges & Goals

The HKLCSD needs to launch a new Urban Ticketing System in Hong Kong to provide an enlarged system capacity and flexibility with the use of cloud technology platforms. The system needs to be scaled up quickly according to operational requirements, and to offer a significant increase in the number of concurrent users that can be accommodated in order to effectively handle immense ticket purchase requests during ticket sale of very popular events.

Why Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud partners with Maoyan to design and provide the system infrastructure based on hybrid cloud architecture for this new ticketing system.

  • COS: For static content which can save cost and improve access efficiency
  • CDN: Reduces network jitters and latencies, improving overall user experience
  • WAF and Anti-DDoS: Provide comprehensive DDoS protection and prevent various web attacks
  • CLB: Load balancing between two availability zones for high availability
  • CVM: A high-performance cloud computing service with competitive price
  • TDSQL: A high performing shard-enabled distributed database developed by Tencent Cloud
  • Ckafka: Distributed messaging system to decouple messages and thus eliminating wait time

Highlighted Benefits

  • Ease of Integration: Tencent Cloud used the Hybrid Cloud approach, interconnected by Direct Connect and MPLS between private cloud and public cloud. The solution is very secure and flexible for integration with Maoyan's on-premises environment. Tencent Cloud also provides comprehensive network and security service for customer’s IT estate integration. Meanwhile, many solutions provided by Tencent Cloud is fully compatible with many native software or services.
  • Cost saving: Leverage the public cloud internal network to interact with private IDCs to save the cost of dedicated lines.
  • Scalability: With Auto Scaling, it automatically creates and removes CVM instances in real time based on the business load, ensuring that Maoyan is running the optimal number of instances and eliminating the need for manual deployment.
  • Support for transformation: Tencent Cloud solution well supports Maoyan’s transformation, for both no. of concurrent users and new functions. With a comprehensive suite of offerings such as audio and video solutions, AI and big data, Tencent Cloud can continue to support Maoyan to launch new functions in a timely manner.
  • Security and data encryption: Tencent Cloud leverages Tencent's rich resources and powerful computing capabilities to perform the fastest threat detection and provenance analysis to help the entire security environment.

Tencent Cloud also offers the unique advantages:

  • High-touch service: Tencent Cloud combines a portfolio of IaaS services optimized for high-performance networking and scale-out application architecture, combined with a pricing and a support model that are customized for customers.
  • TDSQL: Based on deeply customized and optimized MySQL kernel, TDSQL greatly outperforms MySQL. It supports read-write separation in three schemes, effectively ensuring development flexibility while providing read extensibility. It boasts optimized thread pool scheduling algorithms with better heavy load performance.
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