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ChangYou.com is a globalized game company and chose Tencent Cloud as one of its cloud service providers eight years ago. Tencent Cloud has provided ChangYou.com with high quality and efficient public cloud and hybrid cloud services, and helped it migrate most of its business from self-built IDCs to the cloud.

Challenges & Goals

The security of its core data is the top priority of a company. In the process of migrating to a cloud-based database service, ChangYou.com gives priority to the quality of data restoration in addition to the compatibility and performance when selecting a database service. ChangYou.com has fully tested the data restoration feature of Tencent Cloud and is quite satisfactory with the results. Previously, the company built its backup system for logical backup and restoration by using native mysqldump and binary logging. In the event of failure, the data restoration took two to three hours on average.

Tencent Cloud Solution

1. Intelligent database management based on TencentDB for DBbrain (DBbrain)

First, DBbrain provides 24/7 real-time data collection and analytics. Second, it allows users to collectively manage multiple database instances without logging in to each of them. This makes database management highly efficient, especially when users perform a collective database optimization analysis. Third, many features of DBbrain can be used with a few clicks, which reduces the Ops costs significantly. Last but not least, all operations in DBbrain are auditable, which means guaranteed security.

2. Database acceleration based on Tencent Cloud Anycast Internet Acceleration (AIA)

AIA is designed for global access to a unified server. ChangYou.com has deployed this product as its business grows fast worldwide.

For example, ChangYou.com has published a game targeting players in Hong Kong (China), Japan, South Korea, and North America. Based on the results of multiple player and network analyses, the company found that most of its overseas users come from North America, Japan, and South Korea, and then deployed the game servers in the west of the US (West US). Players from Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong (China) are connected to the West US through AIA with a login latency of around 200 ms, which has imperceptible impact on the gaming experience, but saves huge costs for the deployment of hardware resources in Japan and South Korea. In fact, AIA accelerates the TCP connection by channeling it to the cross-border Direct Connect lines in the Tencent Cloud private network, which makes the access to remote servers more stable. Seeing this, ChangYou.com also uses AIA to accelerate the data synchronization of all databases between its data centers in North America and Beijing and achieves satisfactory results.


The test results indicate that the database restoration system tailored by Tencent Cloud for ChangYou.com cuts the average time of full data restoration by 2/3.

To the surprise of ChangYou.com, Tencent Cloud supports data restoration at three levels in the console, including the ultra-fast table-level restoration. This feature further saves the maintenance costs because ChangYou.com no longer needs to separately back up the core tables of a game before migrating it to the cloud. The company did so in the expectation that the data restoration could be faster.

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