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Configuring Bandwidth

Last updated: 2021-09-29 15:01:30

    After creating and associating a CCN instance with network instances, you need to configure bandwidth to enable communications. If the CCN billing mode is pay-as-you-go by monthly 95th percentile, configure a bandwidth cap in both regions the CCN instance connects to.


    Setting Cross-region Bandwidth Cap (for Pay-as-you-go CCN Instances Billed by Monthly 95th Percentile)

    You can configure a cross-region bandwidth cap for pay-as-you-go CCN instances billed by monthly 95th percentile to control the bandwidth costs.


    The default bandwidth cap is 1 Gbps. If you require a higher bandwidth, please submit a ticket.

    1. Log in to the CCN console and access the CCN management page.

    2. On the CCN instance list page, click the ID/Name of the target pay-as-you-go CCN instances billed by monthly 95 percentile to enter its details page. Click the Bandwidth Management tab.

    3. (Optional) Perform the following steps to change the bandwidth limit mode to meet your requirements.

      1. Click Change on the right of the Bandwidth limit mode.

      2. Select a bandwidth limit mode from the drop-down list in the pop-up window.


        Changing the bandwidth limit mode will delete existing configurations. The bandwidth cap will be set to 1 Gbps by default. If you require a higher bandwidth, please submit a ticket.

        Bandwidth Limit Notes
        Region bandwidth out The total outbound bandwidth cap from a single region to other regions
        Inter-region bandwidth The inbound and outbound bandwidth cap between two regions
      3. Click OK.

    4. Configure the bandwidth cap depending on the bandwidth limit mode of the CCN instance:

      • Set inter-region bandwidth limit
        Click Change Bandwidth. In the pop-up window, select Region A and Region B from the drop-down list and enter the Bandwidth Cap. You can also click Add to configure multiple bandwidth limit rules, and then click OK.
      • Set the region outbound bandwidth limit
        Click Adjust bandwidth cap. In the pop-up window, select regions for which you want to limit the bandwidth on the left and set the bandwidth cap on the right. Click OK.
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