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Last updated: 2021-11-25 12:09:54

    What are the prerequisites to enable SCDN?

    SCDN is part of Tencent Cloud CDN and ECDN services. For domain names that are connected to CDN or ECDN, you can enable SCDN directly.

    Which types of attacks does SCDN prevent?

    SCDN protects against the following attacks: web application layer attacks, DDoS attacks, CC attacks, and bot attacks. SCDN allows you to create complex access control rules based on your business needs. For more details, see Strengths.

    Does SCDN support CDN and ECDN capabilities?

    Yes. As a value-added service to CDN and ECDN, SCDN supports basic CDN and ECDN capabilities, i.e., CDN or ECDN service to which your domain name is already connected will continue after SCDN is enabled.

    How is SCDN billed?

    SCDN charge includes the costs of CDN/ECDN service, SCDN package, DDoS/CC elastic defense and domain expansion package. For more details, see Billing.

    What business scenarios does SCDN support?

    SCDN is perfect for business scenarios that are vulnerable to attacks and malicious behaviors like click farming while demand high availability and quality. Such business scenarios cover government and enterprise affairs, finance, gaming, streaming media and e-commerce. For more details, see Scenarios.

    How do I set cache rules, origin rules and HTTPS configuration when using SCDN?

    After SCDN is enabled, your CDN/ECDN configurations for the domain name still take effect and can be modified on the CDN/ECDN console.

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