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Last updated: 2021-11-25 12:09:52

    A Variety of Features

    On the basis of providing fast and stable content delivery network services, SCDN can quickly enable all-around security solutions that integrate multiple protection capabilities against web, DDoS, and CC attacks.

    Protection against DDoS attacks

    With advanced characteristic recognition algorithms, this feature helps prevent large volumes of traffic attacks such as SYN floods, UDP floods, and ICMP floods, ensuring smooth operation of your business.

    The distributed architecture allows SCDN nodes to schedule load balancing globally and intelligently. When the attack traffic reaches the cleansing threshold, it can schedule traffic to SCDN clusters to defeat large DDoS attacks and secure the availability of your business.

    The SCDN can defend against up to 20 Tbps of DDoS attacks on the entire network, with up to 1 Tbps protection for a single node.

    Protection against CC attacks

    This feature uses kernel-level blocking, machine learning algorithms, and CAPTCHA to intelligently identify and block CC attacks.

    A single node can defeat up to 600,000 QPS of CC attacks, preventing your service from exceptional, frequent access requests. With the distributed architecture, SCDN can combat large attacks by intelligently scheduling load balancers among nodes.

    Protection against web application layer attacks

    Powered by Tencent Cloud's WAF system, massive web attack samples, and AI-based rule engine, this feature smartly identifies common web attacks to prevent SQL injection, unauthorized access, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), and trojan webshell uploading, eliminating bypasses, false negatives, and false positives.

    It can also actively monitor and respond to emergent network security events and provide virtual patches against high-risk web vulnerabilities and zero-day vulnerabilities within 24 hours, keeping websites away from emergent web vulnerabilities.


    This feature has been available on SCDN and is free of charge for a limited time.

    Protection against bots

    With AI-based rule engine and rule library, this feature can identify, monitor, and block over 1,000 known bots, including web crawlers, search engines, and content aggregation tools, helping prevent user data leakage, content infringement, competition-based pricing, inventory query, black hat SEO, and business strategy disclosure caused by malicious bots.

    To defeat bots that are not identified, it supports setting the UA, referrer, rate, path, and special parameters along with behavior observation, feature extraction, and business adjustment.


    This feature is in beta test now.

    Custom protection rules

    This feature supports creating a complex access control rule by specifying fields such as client IP, URI, Referer, User-Agent, and Params, in addition to basic rules defined based on IP, Referer, and UA blocklist/allowlist. The rule can also be tailored to different application scenarios by setting the condition logic (equal to, include, or exclude) for those fields.

    Vast Resource Reserves

    Powered by Tencent Cloud CDN and ECDN, SCDN delivers an all-out protection against web, DDoS, and CC attacks while accelerating content delivery and transmission. Tencent Cloud CDN has deployed high-performance cache nodes (over 2,000 in the Chinese mainland and over 800 globally), with a total reserved bandwidth of over 150 Tbps, securing Tencent Cloud data centers with quality ISP networks.

    Smart Scheduling

    Leveraging Tencent Cloud's proprietary GSLB scheduling system paired with smart routing technologies and real-time network-wide monitoring, SCDN schedules access traffic to optimal secure cache nodes to ensure quick responses to service traffic. When experiencing high volumes of traffic attacks, it can perform smart scheduling for load balancing to ensure high business availability.

    Quick Configuration

    SCDN has integrated with CDN and ECDN, allowing you to easily enable SCDN without any changes to your existing CDN and DNS configurations.

    For SCDN domain names connected to CDN/ECDN, you can directly enable SCDN in the console and configure relevant settings. It will take about 5 minutes to deploy your configurations to SCDN nodes, which will not affect the acceleration services.

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