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Last updated: 2021-11-25 12:09:53

    Connection to SCDN

    To connect your domain name to Tencent Cloud SCDN, you need to connect it to Tencent Cloud CDN or ECDN and enable CDN or ECDN services. Then, you can enable SCDN for the domain name. For details about connecting domain names to CDN, see Use Limits.

    SCDN Services

    Feature Description
    SCDN domain name Provides a basic package containing 20 SCDN domain names. To increase the limit, you need to purchase packages and you can increase it to 120. To use SCDN, you need to enable CDN as well. Wildcard domain names are not supported.
    Statistics Supports querying attack data over the past one year by default.
    Event log Supports querying attack events over the past seven days and retains your download task for seven days. One download task can contain up to 1,000 log entries. You can only create 100 tasks per day.
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