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Domain Name Operations

Last updated: 2021-11-25 12:09:53

    If you want to delete a domain name connected to SCDN service, you can delete it on the SCDN console. You can also manage its configuration on the console.

    Deleting a Domain Name

    Only an SCDN domain name with its SCDN service disabled can be deleted. After the deletion, its configuration will also be removed. The steps are as follows:


    • Click Disable to disable the SCDN service for the domain name you want to remove, which will not affect its CDN acceleration service.
    • Click Delete on the right of the domain name.

    Managing Configuration

    You can view and modify the configuration for a domain name as follows:

    • Click Manage on the right of the domain name you want on the SCDN console.
    • For more details, see Configuration Management.

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