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Use Cases

Last updated: 2021-11-25 12:09:53

    Use Cases

    Tencent Cloud SCDN delivers an all-round protection against cyber security threats posing to different sectors.

    Sector Security Risk SCDN Capability SCDN Solution Strength
    Governments, enterprises, and media Websites and apps of governments, enterprises, and media are important windows for them to disclose and disseminate information and interact with the public. Attacks to such websites or information systems may result in service unavailability, content tampering, and reputation decline, interrupt normal information dissemination, and even cause PR crisis. Protection against DDoS, CC, and web attacks. It guarantees the high availability of government and enterprise websites and apps, resists web attacks, and prevents website content from being tampered with by attacks and causing PR risks.
    Finance There are many fields in the finance sector, such as banking, securities, fund, and stock, and they are main target fields of attacks. Financial services have very high requirements for availability. When attacks consume system and network resources and cause business interruptions, normal users cannot place transactions and orders, which will cause serious economic losses. In addition, financial origin servers generally store large amounts of sensitive data, and if they are compromised, information leaks will occur and cause greater impact and losses. Protection against DDoS, CC, and web attacks. It ensures the stability and high availability of financial applications, resists web attacks, and reduces the leakage risks of origin server content and data.
    Gaming and streaming media The gaming and video industries are highly competitive and have always been major targets of DDoS attacks. Since 2017, chess and card games and online videos have developed explosively with a huge influx of capital and users. Horizontal competition triggers malicious competition, network traffic attacks are endless, and DDoS attacks are fast and violent even up to the Tbps level. For related industries, ensuring high service availability and low lag are the prerequisites for retaining players and users. Protection against DDoS and web attacks. It secures the stability of game content/resource package download and streaming media transmission. This helps avoid service unavailability and user attrition caused by large traffic attacks in face of frequent malicious competition.
    Ecommerce The ecommerce industry can become vulnerable to DDoS, CC, and web attacks due to malicious competition or blackmail during business peaks, especially at the middle and end of the year, causing service unavailability, declining merchant reputation, customer attrition, and huge economic losses. Protection against DDoS, CC, and web attacks. It protects your business from DDoS, CC, and web attacks during high-traffic events.
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