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Input Management

Last updated: 2022-08-19 16:34:42

    Inputs are the source of streams for StreamLive channels. An input is usually associated with 1 security group and 1 StreamLive channel.


    Input management

    Select Input Management on the left sidebar. On this page, you can view the name, type, state and ID of created inputs. Each input is usually associated with one security group and one StreamLive channel. The state of an input that has been associated with a channel is Attached. Each input has two independent pipelines (A and B), which can push streams at the same time to ensure data availability.

    Creating an input

    You can create PULL or PUSH inputs. On the Input Management page, click Create Input and complete the following settings in the pop-up window:

    • Name: The input name, which can be 1-32 characters long and can contain numbers, letters, and underscores (_).
    • Type: The input type. Currently, RTMP_PUSH, RTP_PUSH, RTP-FEC_PUSH, UDP_PUSH, SRT_PUSH,RTMP_PULL, HLS_PULL, MP4_PULL, RTSP_PULL, and SRT_PULL are supported.
    • Security Group: If you are creating a PUSH input, you must associate it with an input security group.

    If the input type is RTMP_PUSH, you need to enter an application name and stream name for the destination.


    If the input type is SRT_PUSH, you can enter a stream ID for the destination (optional).


    If the input type is PULL, you need to enter an input address, which is used as the source of the PULL input.

    Modifying an input

    To modify an input, find it on the Input Management page and click Edit on the right. Modify its settings in the pop-up window and click Confirm.

    Deleting an input

    To delete an input, find it on the Input Management page, click Delete on the right, and click Confirm in the pop-up window.


    • You can create up to five inputs by default.
    • The source of an input must contain at least one video pipeline.
    • In case of MPEG-TS multiplexing, up to eight pipelines can transfer data simultaneously.
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