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Manage Iterations

Last updated: 2022-03-30 11:40:40

    This document describes the "Iterations" feature in classic project management.

    Open Project

    1. Log in to the CODING Console and click Use Now to go to CODING page.
    2. Click in the upper-right corner to open the project list page and click a project icon to open the project.
    3. In the menu on the left, click Project Collaboration.

    Feature Overview

    Based on your team's development performance, you can divide development into iterations, each lasting two to three weeks, and use the planning feature to add requirements or bugs to the iterations. After an iteration begins, you can check its details and progress on the Iteration Overview page and view its requirements, tasks, and bugs in the Issue List.

    Create Iterations

    1. Open a project, select Iterations in Project Collaboration in the menu on the left, and then click Create Iterations in the upper-right corner.
    2. Enter the iteration title, owner, start time, end time, and iteration goal, and select Create. You can also click Create and Plan to drag or select add created issues to add them to the current iteration.

    Plan Iteration Issues

    Plan Iteration allows you to add issues to or remove issues from the current iteration.

    1. Select an iteration from the list to go to the iteration overview, and then click Plan Iteration in the upper-right corner to go to the Iteration Planning page.
    2. On the planning page, issues in the current iteration are shown on the left and unplanned issues are shown on the right. You can drag or select issues on the right to add them to the current iteration, or drag issues on the left to remove them from the current iteration. After this, close the Iteration Planning page.

      1. Unplanned issues are those with an Unspecified status in the current iteration.
      2. Descriptions and statistics on issues in Iteration Planning include sub-requirements. If a sub-requirement is added to an iteration, it is upgraded to a parent issue.
      3. Descriptions and statistics on issues in Iteration Planning do not include sub-tasks. A sub-task cannot be added to an iteration separately.
    3. Click Start Iteration in the upper right corner of the iteration overview page. In the window that appears, select the start time and end time of the iteration, and then click Confirm and Start.

    Edit or Delete Iterations

    In the iteration list, you can select ··· to the right of an iteration to edit or delete the iteration.

    You can also go to the overview page of the specified iteration, select ··· in the upper-right corner to edit or delete the iteration.

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