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Manage Iterations

Last updated: 2022-03-30 11:40:41

    This document describes iterations in Scrum agile management.

    Open Project

    1. Log in to the CODING Console and click Use Now to go to CODING.
    2. Click in the upper-right corner to open the project list page and click a project icon to open the project.
    3. In the menu on the left, click Project Collaboration.

    Function Overview

    Based on your team's development performance, you can divide development into iterations, each lasting two to three weeks, and use Pending Planning to add issues to the iterations. After an iteration starts, you can view all issues in the current iteration in All Issues, or view the iteration details and progress in Overview and Statistics, so as to ensure on-time delivery.

    Create Iterations

    1. On the Project Collaboration page, select Create Iteration in the lower-right corner of Pending Planning to quick create an iteration.
    2. Alternatively, in Iterations, click Create Iteration in the upper-right corner to full create an iteration.
    3. Enter the iteration title, owner, start/end time, and iteration goal, and then click Create to create an iteration.

    Plan Iteration Issues

    Plan Iteration allows you to add issues to or remove issues from the current iteration.

    1. If you select Create and Plan when creating an iteration, you will enter the Pending Planning page. You can drag reviewed issues from the backlog to the current iteration, or drag issues out from the iteration to the backlog. You can also click Create Issue at the bottom of the iteration to add an issue to it.
    2. Alternatively, select an iteration on the Iterations page to enter its details page, and click Plan Iteration in the upper-right corner to go to Pending Planning, and then perform the same operations described in the previous step.
    3. You can also drag issues in batches to add them to an iteration. Press and hold and left-click (depending on the operating system you use) to select multiple issues. Selected issues are highlighted in blue. Drag the selection to add them to the specified iteration at the same time.

    Iteration Settings

    The Iterations page displays all iterations that have not started or are in progress. All project members can view the development process and progress.

    Click an iteration to enter its details page. The issues listed include all planned issues in the current iteration. You can search for specific issues with one or more filters, or sort them by different fields. For more information, see Filter Issues. In addition, you can switch between Tree View, Tile View, and Kanban View. For more information, see Manage Issue Views.

    Complete Iteration

    Iterations are sorted by successive phases: "Not started", "In progress", and "Completed". Iterations cannot be reverted to the previous phase.

    1. By default, the status of a newly created iteration is Not started. If issues in the iteration have been planned, click Start Iteration in the upper-right corner of the iteration details page. The default start time for the iteration is the start date configured when the iteration was created. If no start date was configured, the current time will be used as the start time, which you can modify as needed. After verifying the details, click *Confirm and Start. The status of the iteration will change to In progress.
    2. When the iteration is In progress, you can decide whether to complete it depending on the issue completion status or iteration end time. Click Complete Iteration in the upper-right corner of the iteration details page, and the status of the iteration will change to Completed.

    Edit or Delete Iterations

    You can edit iteration information or delete an iteration by using any of the following methods:

    • Use the ··· menu of the iteration on the Pending Planning page.
    • Use the ··· menu on the right of the iteration on the Iterations page.
    • Use the ··· menu in the upper-right corner of the iteration details page.
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