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Last updated: 2023-12-28 10:13:38

    What is CODING Test Management?

    As a sub-product of CODING DevOps, CODING Test Management (CODING-TM) provides collaboration management tools for orderly testing, which range from test case library management and test plan development to collaborative test task execution. It enables testing personnel to work agilely, improves the efficiency of collaboration between testing and R&D teams, and provides visualized work views and data reports for controlling test progress and planning at any time.


    Test collaboration

    CODING-TM helps the test team establish an orderly test collaboration process, including writing test cases, developing test plans, distributing test tasks, and recording test results. It also helps the test team collaborate with R&D personnel to sync the test progress and results.

    Test case management

    CODING-TM can be used to create a test case library and manage the test cases of each feature and page. Each test case contains the description, steps, and expected results of the corresponding test. The library management feature facilitates the reuse of test cases, avoids the repetitive writing of test cases, and improves work efficiency. In addition, CODING-TM supports importing test cases from Excel and CSV files, freeing testers from complicated table editing.

    Test plan formulation

    CODING-TM enables test team managers to formulate test plans according to the test objectives of different stages, automatically generates corresponding test reports after test completion, and analyzes the test results to provide data support for the next test plan.
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