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Getting Started

Last updated: 2023-12-28 10:13:38
    This document shows how to perform a quick test on a project. It will familiarize you with the basic operations of the CODING-TM module.


    You must activate the CODING DevOps service for your Tencent Cloud account.

    Basic Process

    The basic CODING-TM process is as follows:
    Step 1: Create a test case
    Step 2: Review a test case
    Step 3: Create a test plan
    Step 4: Associate automated test case
    Step 5: Execute the test plan
    Step 6: Analyze the test report
    Test management is performed within a project. If you do not see any of the relevant features in your project, click Project Settings in the lower-left corner, select Projects and Members > Functions, and enable Test Management.

    Create Test Cases

    Go to Test Management on the left, click Create Test Case, and enter the title, prerequisites, and description to create a test case. You can also manage test cases by group.

    Review Test Cases

    Test result review is an important review process in testing activities. Developers in test case review help to align ideas on how to improve the project. Peer review during testing can help quickly discover test points the tester may have overlooked. This exchange of views contributes to the credibility of test results.

    Create and Execute Test Plans

    A test plan contains many test cases and is divided into three types: iteration tests, release tests, and normal tests. The test plan gives testers a clear insight into the test progress, allowing them to report test results and ratings quickly.

    Associate Automated Test Cases

    An automated test case library can establish matches between test plans and function codes in repositories. This allows you to implement automated test plans and update the task statuses of test cases. After the execution of the test plan, a test report is automatically generated for you to review the results.

    Analyze Test Reports

    It is important to regularly review test plans. A test report includes the analysis of test case results, bug distribution, and test case rankings. You can also generate test reports based on templates. After a template is created, you may generate and send reports at predefined intervals.
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