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Last updated: 2023-12-28 10:13:38

    How can I view test progress?

    On the Test Plan page, select a test plan to view its test progress and test results, including the pass rate, failure rate, obstruction rate, retest rate, and the number of failed tests and opened bugs.

    How do I select test cases?

    CODING-TM uses two types of test cases: text test cases and step test cases.
    Text test cases: These cases are suitable for simple test scenarios that lack explicit test steps.
    Step test cases: These cases are suitable for scenarios that have explicit test steps and expected results, where each step must be tested.

    How can I write a text test case?

    Text Case Title (required): Enter a title to easily identify the test case.
    Prerequisites (optional): Use this field to describe the necessary conditions for this test.
    Test Case Content: This is the most important field for a text test case. Describe the specific content to be tested and the expected results.
    In addition to basic fields, you can add attachments that you think would be helpful for this test.

    Can I associate with third-party apps?

    CODING-TM does not support the association with third-party apps.

    How long does it take to create a report?

    It takes some time to generate a report. This time depends on the amount of data involved. After you create a report, its status is "generating". Once the report is completed, its status is changed to "generated".
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