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Purchase Guide

Last updated: 2023-12-28 10:13:38
    This document will explain how to experience and purchase CODING DevOps services.

    Free trial

    CODING DevOps offers a free trial service, please contact our sales team if you need it.
    CODING DevOps provides private deployment solutions, please contact sales for more details.

    About Private Deployment

    Due to the high complexity of CODING DevOps, installation will require professional services support. Our team will help you engage our certified service providers after procurement.
    The standard version of the private deployment process is as follows:
    1. Requirements research: organize project requirements research, participate in implementation information collection, technical requirements communication, identify delivery content, confirm project implementation team, prepare relevant human resources and external support experts according to the work content and delivery plan of the project specification.
    2. Program design: According to the actual technical requirements of the system and the business requirements of each sub-system in the research, prepare and submit the Project Implementation Plan to the buyer in accordance with the specification requirements. After that, the project team will review the plan, and it will be formally effective after the review is approved and signed by both parties.
    3. Deployment and implementation: According to the product configuration, carry out the installation and debugging of the software on the server side, including initialization of data, conversion and import of important data from the original system, installation of front and backend software, and adjustment of configuration parameters.
    4. Product Demonstration: After the system deployment and installation is completed and confirmed to run normally, the relevant product demonstration will begin. After the successful completion of the demonstration, we will start the trial of the software in the pilot department, and will submit the "System Operation Manual" and "Software Function List" to the users. These two documents will describe in detail the process of using the software and all the system function modules contained in the software.
    5. Standard testing: Complete standard functional testing according to the official CODING standard test cases, platform functional co-tuning to ensure that all functions of the deployed environment are available.
    In order to provide a better service experience, the following optional service is provided on top of the standard version:
    Test run support service: additional N man days of test run support service is provided to help customers implement the test run of core business system more quickly.
    For questions about private deployment costs, please contact sales.
    Contact Us

    Contact our sales team or business advisors to help your business.

    Technical Support

    Open a ticket if you're looking for further assistance. Our Ticket is 7x24 avaliable.

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