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Last updated: 2023-12-28 10:13:38
    CODING-TM provides collaboration management tools for orderly testing. It boasts the following benefits:

    Multi-role real-time collaboration

    CODING-TM allows upstream and downstream testing, product management, and R&D personnel in the team to participate in tests together, sync test requirements, test tasks, and bug tasks in real-time, record the testing process, facilitate problem reproduction, and identify requirements and bugs to achieve seamless collaboration across departments.

    Association of test cases and bugs

    CODING-TM has a bug management feature that can immediately associate test cases that fail to meet expectations during the testing process with bugs so that developers can quickly locate test cases based on bugs and sync updated test results to the corresponding bugs.

    Test case reusability

    CODING-TM supports adding, importing, and editing test cases in the test case library of the tree structure. The library makes it easier to flexibly organize test plans, reuse test cases in different test plans, and avoid repetitively editing the same test case, thus effectively improving the testing efficiency.

    Batch import of test cases

    CODING-TM supports importing test cases in batches from Excel and CSV files to the specified project so that you don't have to edit test cases repetitively, freeing you from inefficient table-based management and implementing efficient collaborative test management.

    Visualized test progress

    CODING-TM provides a visualized overview of project tests and the test progress. You can easily grasp the work progress and task load of every member in your team, accurately understand the peak and off-peak values of their workloads, and easily improve work plans.

    Multidimensional data report

    CODING-TM allows you to create regular data report templates. After a test iteration is completed, test reports in various dimensions such as test conclusion, chart, work distribution, and test duration can be automatically generated and sent to followers at the scheduled time.
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