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Last updated: 2022-08-30 15:09:43

    Professional Attack Protection Team

    PTS has a team of experts with strong technical expertise and rich experience in attack protection from Tencent's seven security labs. They conduct research on cutting-edge security technologies and grasp ever-emerging attack techniques to identify security threats and make penetration tests more comprehensive.

    Abundant Vulnerability Data

    In the long-term fight against cybercriminals, PTS has accumulated abundant data about latest N-day vulnerabilities in the wild and effectively converted such data into test cases. It leverages the proprietary security policy library as well as assessment and analysis engine to fully assess the security of applications and detect risks to servers, networks, applications, and data.

    Full Vulnerability Lifecycle Coverage

    PTS boasts industry-recognized knowledge bases and methodologies for information system security. It covers the entire lifecycle of vulnerabilities from discovery and exploitation to fix, helping improve the security level of your application systems in a more complete, professional, and efficient manner.

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