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Service Implementation

Last updated: 2022-08-30 15:09:44

    How is my information protected from leakage?

    • Tencent Cloud has a complete information security protection system in place.
    • Tencent Cloud will obtain your authorization and enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you before implementing the PTS service.
    • To ensure the security of internal systems, Tencent Cloud deploys security devices at the main egresses and check the confidentiality capabilities from the perspectives of traffic, file, known activity, and unknown activity.
    • All people involved in providing the service have entered into a labor contract with the company.

    Are penetration tests risky? Will they affect the operations of my business systems?

    No. Tencent Cloud takes appropriate risk avoidance measures and schedules tests for off-peak hours, so that they will not interrupt your business systems.

    Can PTS be replaced with VSS?

    PTS outperforms VSS in breadth and depth, because it can detect business logic vulnerabilities not covered by VSS and identify complex vulnerabilities such as secondary injection.

    In addition to locating vulnerabilities, PTS also attempts to exploit vulnerabilities, escalate privileges, and gain control over the target system, while VSS only displays all bugs in the system clearly without measuring their impacts.

    What do I need to provide for PTS?

    • Specify the test scope.
    • Authorize the test.
    • Provide test accounts and add test IPs to the allowlists of security products in certain cases.

    Can VSS achieve the purpose of real-time monitoring?

    • They are different.
    • VSS can perform periodic scans to promptly discover new vulnerabilities and remind you to fix them.

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