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Use Cases

Last updated: 2022-08-30 15:09:43

    Application Launch Testing

    PTS helps verify the security of application features before application launch or during version iteration, so as to avoid security incidents caused by undetected vulnerabilities after application launch.

    Security Capability Check

    PTS can check your security protection capabilities. Especially, after you invest resources in constructing security capabilities for your websites and systems, you can use the practical mode of PTS to check their security levels.

    Policy Compliance

    According to the requirements of laws, regulations, or network regulatory authorities, you need to guarantee the security of your systems, and PTS provides penetration tests to verify their security.

    Complementary Security Capabilities

    Online business systems require emergency response and rectification after security incidents such as hacking occur or notifications are received from regulatory authorities. In this case, PTS can help you detect more potential security vulnerabilities.

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