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Getting Started

Last updated: 2022-09-27 16:06:45

    Step 1. Sign up

    Sign up as instructed in Signing up for a Tencent Cloud Account and complete identity verification.

    Step 2. Purchase the service

    Go to the PTS purchase page, select and enter values based on the number of targets to be tested, and click Submit. For specific types, see Billing Overview.

    Step 3. Deliver the service

    After making the purchase online, go to the PTS console, click Create pen-test, enter relevant parameters, and click Submit.

    Step 4. Review the service

    After receiving your application, we will review it to determine the actual workload of testing the targets, confirm the basic information of emergency response with you, establish communication channels, and schedule tests.

    Step 5. Implement the service

    We will conduct penetration tests on the target systems based on the approval and communication.

    Step 6. Submit a report

    After implementing the service, we will prepare a penetration test report and send it to you, including the details of identified vulnerabilities, PoC for vulnerability verification, and suggestions on fixing the vulnerabilities.

    Step 7. Assist in fixing the vulnerabilities

    We will provide an online expert explanation of the penetration test result to help you fix the vulnerabilities.

    Step 8. Perform regression tests

    Based on the rectification result, we will retest the application on the same version for the identified vulnerabilities three times free of charge to ensure that they have been completely fixed.

    Step 9. Accept the service

    After the regression tests are performed, the service will be automatically terminated, but you can still view the results of previous tests in the PTS console. If you have any questions about penetration or regression test reports, contact us for assistance.

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