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Last updated: 2024-01-10 16:34:20

    Stable and Durable

    Offering multi-center redundant backups, the solution provides remote disaster recovery and resource isolation for user data, ensuring up to 99.9% data persistence and guaranteeing data durability.

    High Security and Reliability

    Enterprise drive files are stored in distributed object storage, supporting multiple redundant backups of data, encryption at the storage layer, and comprehensive permission management. This facilitates internal project document collaboration within the enterprise, ensuring the secure operation of business data. With encrypted transmission, data transfer security is guaranteed. Document watermarking is also supported to prevent document leakage.

    Diverse and Open

    The enterprise drive offers an open API, providing enterprise application integration capabilities and flexible component openness. This allows your business data to be rapidly migrated to the cloud, relieving you of the high costs associated with data migration and access.

    Efficient Collaboration

    The multi-user online collaborative office feature is supported, including online editing to enhance collaboration efficiency. File external link sharing is supported, facilitating collaboration between internal and external users of the enterprise. Comprehensive permission management is supported, providing refined collaboration scope and personnel.

    Multi-terminal Support

    Multi-terminal installation and usage is supported. In addition to anytime installation-free Web access, desktop (Windows, Mac) and mobile (HTML 5) access is also supported, enabling seamless switching and usage.
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