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Overdue Policy

Last updated: 2024-01-10 16:37:02

    Service Suspension Upon Expiration

    Upon expiration of the drive, all services will become inaccessible. If you extend the validity period of the drive within 30 days of its expiration, you can continue to use the drive as usual. For details on the extension operation, please refer to the Billing Overview > Package Renewal documentation.
    Should you fail to extend your drive within 30 days of its expiration (including the 30th day), it will be deemed that you no longer wish to renew. Tencent Cloud will commence resource release at 0:00 on the 30th day post-expiration, resulting in the destruction of all your data, which will be irretrievable.

    Service Suspension Due to Violations

    The drive offers a link-sharing feature. When accessing and disseminating link data over the public network, compliance with relevant legal and regulatory requirements is mandatory. If the disseminated content violates these regulations, Tencent Cloud will take legal action, which may result in a permanent ban on the account in severe cases.
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