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Last updated: 2024-01-10 16:34:40

    Remote Work

    Supports automatic local file backup, seamless cross-device synchronization of office materials, and anytime anywhere file sharing and collaboration across companies and departments.

    Office Collaboration

    Supports multiple users editing office documents online simultaneously, significantly enhancing collaboration efficiency, and automatically saves every file edit, allowing for restoration to any specified version at any time. Accidentally deleted files can be retrieved and restored.

    Product Delivery

    Supports unrestricted upload and download speed for large files and one-click batch file transfer. An authorized extraction code is required for any access, ensuring data security. Company logo watermark protection can be added, preventing your work results from being stolen.

    Protection of Work Results

    Supports one-click transfer of offboarding employee's data, ensuring no impact on projects. The exclusive enterprise space can store all company achievements. Members can be assigned up to eight levels of permissions, ensuring secure and worry-free project data management.
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