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Last updated: 2024-01-10 16:37:23
    Partial refunds within 30 days are supported: You understand and agree that, due to the unique nature of Tencent Cloud's Enterprise Drive service product, we only support refunds initiated within 30 days of purchase. That is, if you need to apply for a refund, you should initiate the application within 30 days of purchase, beyond which we will not be able to process your refund. After you initiate a refund, this service will cease on the day of the refund, and we will prorate the remaining value from the time the service stops to the end of your original order to calculate your refund amount. You can use this service normally from the time you initiate a refund until the service stops.
    If you encounter issues while processing a refund, you may submit a ticket.
    1. The unit price and discount are subject to the final generated order description.
    2. For products purchased during promotional events, if there is a conflict between the refund policy and the event rules, the event rules will prevail. If the event rules state that refunds are not supported, you cannot apply for a refund.
    3. You agree that Tencent Cloud reserves the right to reject refund applications in cases of abnormal or malicious refund situations. You acknowledge that Tencent Cloud has the right to judge and identify abnormal or malicious refunds based on general and reasonable understanding.

    Refund Amount

    Refund amount calculation: Refund amount = Payment amount - (Used duration / Total duration) × Payment amount
    Payment amount: The actual payment amount of the order (the real payment amount after discounts or voucher deductions have been applied).
    Service termination time: The time point when the cloud storage is cleared after refund is initiated.
    Monthly used duration: The number of days from the time the current order was placed to the service termination time (intervals less than 24 hours are calculated as one day).
    Total duration: The total number of days for the service purchased in the current order (1 year is calculated as 365 days).
    Deductions or vouchers will not be refunded.
    The refund amount will be returned to your Tencent Cloud account balance or refunded back to the other account from which you made the payment.
    For orders that have not taken effect, a full refund will be issued.

    Refund Process

    Before initiating a refund request, please ensure that you meet the conditions outlined in the refund policy, and that all data and materials generated from Tencent Cloud's enterprise dirive service have been backed up and migrated. Any loss incurred after the refund due to failure to backup or migrate will be borne by you and is not related to Tencent Cloud.
    1. Log in to the Tencent Cloud official website, go to the Submit a Ticket page, find the product category that needs a refund, fill in the reason for the refund and the problem description, and then submit the ticket.
    2. After you submit a refund ticket, the ticket will enter the review stage. Tencent Cloud customer service personnel will process your application within two working days.
    3. You can view the returned orders on the Order Management page. If the order status is "Refunded", you can view the funds on the Cost Center page. If the review is not approved, you can view the review results in the ticket.

    Requesting Refund on a Resource Packages

    Restrictions on Resource Packages Refunds

    The following conditions must be met for a resource pack refund:
    For newly purchased resource packs, the order type must be "Self-purchased".
    The quota of the resource pack has not been used. That is, no usage has been generated from the resource pack.
    The resource pack is still within its validity period, which is consistent with the validity period of the cloud drive.
    If a discount or voucher was applied upon purchase, the discount and voucher will not be refunded.
    The total refunded amount will be returned to your Tencent Cloud account balance.

    Refund Process

    1. Click to enter the Enterprise Cloud Drive Console Resource Packages interface.
    2. Select the resource pack for which you require a refund.
    3. Click on Refund.
    4. In the displayed window, click on Confirm. If the refund conditions are met, the system will initiate a refund.
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