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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2023-12-21 19:39:06

    CBS Billing Overview

    Billing Mode

    Tencent Cloud provides two cloud disk billing modes to meet different customer needs: monthly subscription and pay-as-you-go. The differences between these two billing modes are as follows:
    Billing Mode
    Monthly Subscription
    Payment mode
    Fees for one billing cycle will be frozen upon purchase, settled every hour
    Price unit
    Minimum usage duration
    Used for at least one month
    Charged by the second and billed by the hour. You can purchase or release the service at any time.
    Use cases
    Suitable for businesses with stable and long-term device demands
    Suitable for scenarios where the demand for devices fluctuates significantly, such as flash sale campaigns on an e-commerce site

    Billing Standards

    Pricing varies by region and disk type. For more information, see Price Overview.

    Snapshot Billing Overview

    Snapshot service was commercialized on January 22, 2019 at 00:00:00. All snapshots are billed based on the storage usage.
    Images use the CBS snapshot service for data storage. As a result, retaining custom images occupies a certain portion of your snapshot capacity and incurs costs.

    Billing Mode

    You are charged according to the total storage size of your snapshots. Each region is charged separately. CBS is pay-as-you-go on an hourly billing cycle.
    To view the size of your snapshots in each region, go to the Snapshot console.

    Billing Standards

    Pricing for snapshots varies by region. For more information, see Price Overview.

    Free Tier

    After the commercialization of snapshots, Tencent Cloud still provides users with a free tier of 80 GB in regions in China. The part beyond the free tier is postpaid on an hourly basis. For billing standards, see Price Overview. Note the following:
    The free tier is available to users in regions as listed in the Snapshot console.
    The free snapshot tier will be canceled in the future. For more information, check the CBS product page regularly.
    The following table describes how snapshot storage is billed under different circumstance:
    Total snapshot size
    Number of cloud disks
    North China (Beijing)
    100 GB
    1 cloud disk
    Eligible for the 80 GB free tier. Total billable snapshot storage size is 100 GB - 80 GB = 20 GB.
    Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, China (Hong Kong)
    90 GB
    2 cloud disks
    Eligible for the 80 GB free tier. Total billable snapshot storage size is 90 GB - 80 GB = 10 GB.
    Southeast Asia (Singapore)
    40 GB
    1 cloud disk
    Not eligible for the free tier. Total billable snapshot storage size is 40 GB.

    Overdue Payment

    Once your account becomes overdue, snapshots will go into the Isolated status, and service will be suspended. For more information, see Overdue Policy.
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