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Last updated: 2023-06-21 15:01:12

Cloud Disk APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
DescribeDiskOperationLogs Querying a Cloud Disk Operation Log List 1
InquirePriceModifyDiskBackupQuota Queries the price of a cloud disk after its backup point quota is modified 20
InquirePriceModifyDiskExtraPerformance Queries the price for adjusting the cloud disk’s extra performance 20
InquiryPriceCreateDisks Queries the price of creating cloud disks 20
InquiryPriceResizeDisk Inquires the price for expanding the capacity of a cloud disk 20
TerminateDisks Returns a cloud disk 20
AttachDisks Mounting Cloud Disks 20
CreateDisks Creates cloud disks 20
DescribeDiskConfigQuota Queries cloud disk quota 20
ApplyDiskBackup Rolls back a backup point 20
CreateDiskBackup Creates a backup point for a cloud disk 20
DeleteDiskBackups Deletes the backup points of a cloud disk 20
DescribeDiskBackups Queries the list of backup points 20
DescribeDisks Queries the list of cloud disks 100
DescribeInstancesDiskNum Queries the number of cloud disks associated to an instance 20
DetachDisks Unmounts cloud disks 20
InitializeDisks Reinitializes cloud disks 20
ModifyDiskAttributes Modifies cloud disk attributes 20
ModifyDiskBackupQuota Modifies the cloud disk backup point quota 20
ModifyDiskExtraPerformance Adjusts the cloud disk’s extra performance 20
ResizeDisk Expanding Cloud Disk Capacity 20

Snapshot APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit (maximum requests per second)
ApplySnapshot Rolls back a snapshot 20
DescribeSnapshotOperationLogs Querying a Snapshot Operation Log List 20
GetSnapOverview Gets snapshot overview information 20
ModifySnapshotAttribute Modifies snapshot information 20
BindAutoSnapshotPolicy Binding a Scheduled Snapshot Policy 20
CopySnapshotCrossRegions Replicates a snapshot to another region 20
DeleteAutoSnapshotPolicies Deleting a Scheduled Snapshot Policy 20
DescribeDiskAssociatedAutoSnapshotPolicy Querying a Cloud Disk Associated Scheduled Snapshot Policy 20
UnbindAutoSnapshotPolicy Unbinding a Scheduled Snapshot Policy 20
CreateAutoSnapshotPolicy Creating a Scheduled Snapshot Policy 20
CreateSnapshot Creates a snapshot 20
DeleteSnapshots Deletes a snapshot 20
DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicies Querying a Scheduled Snapshot Policy 20
DescribeSnapshotSharePermission Views snapshot sharing information 20
DescribeSnapshots Queries the list of snapshots 20
ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicyAttribute Modifying Scheduled Snapshot Policy Information 20
ModifySnapshotsSharePermission Modifies snapshot sharing information 20
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