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What's Batch?

Last updated: 2024-01-13 11:19:28
BatchCompute (Batch) is a distributed computing platform used to handle massive batch processing jobs. It is designed to provide cost-effective and easy-to-use computing services for enterprises and R&D institutions that require big data computing. It can intelligently manage resource allocation and job execution for batch processing jobs of any size, enabling you to focus on analyzing and processing data. With these advantages, it is suitable for fields such as gene sequencing, medical analysis, scientific research, video rendering, financial big data, and targeted advertising.
As a completely secure hosted service, BatchCompute enables developers, scientists, and engineers to execute batch processing jobs of any size. By using BatchCompute, you only need to provide an environment for computing implementation, commands, and the storage path for input/output data. BatchCompute can get Tencent Cloud's elastic resources based on the workload and automatically schedule the job execution process to complete high volumes of batch processing jobs. It can help reduce the operation complexity, save time, and minimize costs to allow developers, scientists, and engineers to easily execute batch processing jobs in Tencent Cloud, relieving enterprises and R&D institutions of the need to make a huge upfront investment in building a batch processing data center.

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