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Last updated: 2023-05-04 15:47:06

Compute Environment APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit
AttachInstances Adds instances to the compute environment 20
CreateComputeEnv Creates a compute environment 2
DeleteComputeEnv Deletes a compute environment 2
DescribeComputeEnv Gets compute environment details 2
DescribeComputeEnvActivities Queries the information of activities in the compute environment 2
DescribeComputeEnvCreateInfo Queries the creation information of a compute environment 2
DescribeComputeEnvCreateInfos Queries the list of compute environment creation information 20
DescribeComputeEnvs Gets the list of compute environments 2
DetachInstances Removes instances from the compute environment 20
ModifyComputeEnv Modifies a compute environment 2
TerminateComputeNode Terminates a compute node 20
TerminateComputeNodes Batch terminates the compute nodes 20

Task Template APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit
CreateTaskTemplate Creates a task template 2
DeleteTaskTemplates Deletes a task template 2
DescribeTaskTemplates Queries task templates 2
ModifyTaskTemplate Modifies a task template 2

Job APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit
DeleteJob Deletes a job 30
DescribeJob Queries job details 2
DescribeJobSubmitInfo Queries job submission information 2
DescribeJobs Queries the list of jobs 2
DescribeTask Queries task details 3
DescribeTaskLogs Queries task log details 20
RetryJobs Retries jobs 2
TerminateJob Terminates a job 2
TerminateTaskInstance Terminates a task instance 2

Configuration Viewing APIs

API Name Feature Frequency Limit
DescribeAvailableCvmInstanceTypes Gets the information of CVM model configurations available to BatchCompute 2
DescribeCvmZoneInstanceConfigInfos Gets the model configuration information of the availability zone of BatchCompute 5
DescribeInstanceCategories Queries instance category information 20
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